Burney Gurgle

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Burney Gurgle ran his left hand through his graying beard. His eyes were closed and rings of smoke wreathed about his head. He sat cross-legged on a thick rug, a long, slender pipe rested in his right hand. Behind him, an Moon Elf recited poems dedicated to the night sky. Buney's mind reached out to the poet's words and became entrapped in their meaning. His thoughts followed the poem's path as it flitted on gossamer wings through the nightsky. Burney looked at the Moon and felt it pull him closer. He rose to his feet and stretched his hands up as if to hold the moon. He loved the moon. He would not let it fall.

The poet ended his verse. Burney sat down on the rug and took a long puff of his pipe. He never had such an appreciation for the Moon before. He was happy he had held it in place for just a short while. He felt connected to it. He watched the Moon pass from high in the night sky to below the horizon, where it would remain hidden for another half-day. A slender hand tapped him on the shoulder.
"Hey man, its your turn to get the water." The Moon Elf poet reminded Burney of his communal responsibility.
"Yeah, okay, man. Thats cool." Burney stood, stretched, grabbed his staff and went to find water, as the first blossoms of Spring began to bloom.
"Wow, this mushroom is pretty big," he thought. Burney stuffed the mushroom in his pack.
"Hurry up, Burney." A comley gypsy woman beckoned to Burney. "The others are waiting for us." A slender, yet mysterious half-elf looked impartially at him. At the half-elf's side was a frail, sickly human.
"I didn't get the water yet." Burney shrugged his shoulders and gave the woman a sheepish look.
"The water. I forgot to get it. I gotta get some water."
"Burney, were heading to Hap."
"Okay, sure." Burney thought he could get some water in hap. Burney crunched through the yellow-gold leaves coating the forest floor. "I thought it was Spring?" he thought, but then decided that it didn't really matter.