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Drows sited near Hap - Jeff Holland (September 2007)

Lei Jen - A martial artist from the eastern lands. Driven from his homeland when the dojo he belonged to fell out of favor with the local leaders.
Roshann - A gypsy swords woman. Her family was destroyed by the Zints, she has sworn vengence.
Hitch - A half elf, half human dabler in magic and stealth.
Burney - A hippy naturalist. It's hard to say where he comes from because he isn't even sure himself.
Murdock - A mercenary warrior who turned to fighting to escape the family baking business.
Marcus - A woodsman warrior. Sometimes it seems a lot more warrior than woodsman.
Calvin - A holy roller of Tyr. The world is black and white when seen through Calvin's eyes.

The group is finishing taking care of an orc/gnoll problem a small village is having. There is a big party with plenty to eat and drink. The story of how Grisnakh is defeated is told and retold. Roshann and Murdock help the villagers load a wagon with the supplies from the bandit camp so it can be sorted back to its rightfull owners. The group also spends some money in order to get The Leper Tracker some supplies and help make his hut more comfortable. Calvin of Hobbs is passing through town while this is taking place and asks if he might travel back to Ashabenford with the group. No one sees a problem with this.

On the way back to Ashabenford a river troll attacks one night. Murdock, Blacksun, and Calvin are on the early morning watch when it headed for camp. The guards smelled the troll before they saw it, and had time to wake a few of the other members before it charged into camp. Roshann took the brunt of the first attack and went down under the onslaught. The group finally rallied and managed to bring the beast down. Marcus tracked it back to the river. After searching they find the troll has a lair which can be accessed by a passage through the river. A good deal of coin was found as well as some other treasure.

In Ashabenford the bard Cable spots Roshann and Hitch and asks to meet with them later at an inn he is performing at. It is a fancy establishment and between sets he sits and talks with the group. After making sure he can talk freely in front of everyone he lets the characters know there are rumors of drow elves and a wyvern around Hap. It would be helpful if the party could check these rumors out, and since their tower is in the area it might be in there own interest as well.

The group discusses heading to Hap, and since nothing else is pressing sees no reason not to. Before leaving Hitch talks to Cable about some of the items the group had found. Looking over the falchion he finds a maker's mark on it and some other indications of the swords past. It turns out the sword was enchanted by a wizard to help fend off an invasion of his town by vampires. This would explain why the sword glows in the presence of undead and get's bonuses against them. There were only 4 or 5 of these swords created and this is the first he has seen. Then Hitch heads to an alchemist. He discovers the potion is a "potion of blur" and the sword gives no bonuses to attack but does transfers a small amount of health to the wielder with each hit. The ring found on Grisnakh is a ring of protection.

It is decided that Lei will get the ring and Hitch will hold on to the health taking sword until the party decides what to do with it.

The journey to Hap is largely uneventful; the characters arrive at the tower and find Festus has kept the place up nicely. Murdock, Lei Jen, and Marcus decide to stay at the tower while Hitch, Roshann, and Calvin head to town to discover what rumors exist concerning the drow. Burny heads off into the woods commenting how familiar they look. The newer party members are alerted to the groups suspicions about Sawyer Menard, the local lumber mill operator.

Lei does some hunting and gives Festus a hand with cooking and cleaning around the tower. Marcus and Murdock search around the tower for tracks in an attempt to see if anyone has been spying on the place. The two get lost, but luckily run into Burney and he leads them back.

Roshann finds out there is a small girl by the name of Marissa who claims to have startled the drow by a black berry patch just outside of town. She takes Roshann to the spot and they look it over. Marissa says when she saw the two robed men she dropped her basket and ran, but when some towns folk came back to look around the basket had been righted and refilled with her berries. In town the rumors mainly deal with the girl and speculation runs both ways on the truth of the matter.

Everyone meets back at the tower and discusses the days events. Hitch says the berry patch sounds like it's near where he saw Sawyer meet with two drow a month ago. It is decided to check the spot out the next day and see if Marcus can find any tracks in the area.

This happens, but Marcus can't find any sign of footprints. Not surprising since it's been about a week since the incident. From here the party makes its way to the clearing where Hitch spied Sawyer and the drow meeting. Searching around the clearing Marcus does find a pair of smallish tracks which appear to have been left less than a week ago. The group follows these back into the woods for some distance with Marcus at the fore with Lei and Hitch close behind moving as quietly as possible. A second clearing is discovered and in contains a circle of suspicious rocks. Hitch looks them over with a learned eye and believes someone is creating a portal. The magic is similar to the portal the group encountered going to the Zhents land. He also believes it is incomplete, but being worked on. A decision has to be made: does the group head back or continue to move on. To continue will mean the group will not be able to make town by nightfall.

The party presses on. Suddenly two robed drow are spotted. Lei can't contain himself and gasps at the sight. This alerts the drow and there is a short standoff. Hitch starts up some conversation in elvish and both sides discovers a few things about the other. Lei is poised for combat the entire time and the others make their way forward. Calvin is not impressed with the drow plans to enslave the village of Hap and the fight is on. One of the drow runs while the other stands and fights. Both are brought down, the runner is stopped with an entangle from Burney. One dies and the body is hidden and others wounds are bound. The group heads to town as fast as possible with the captive in tow.

The town is alerted of the danger and a meeting is called. The characters keep a watch out along with townsfolk. Lei and Marcus watch Sawyer's business while Hitch, Calvin and the local captain of the guard interrogate the prisoner. Sawyer opens a window and releases some type of bird, undoubtedly a messenger pigeon. Lei sees it and takes a shot with his bow, but just misses. Later that night the rest of the members are alearted to Sawyers continued allegiance with the drow. Riders are sent to alert the next larger town and retrieve military assistance. The Group believes there are between 10 and 30 drow in a cave near the spot where the fight took place.

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Horrors in Hap
Chapter 4 - Confrontation with Jaelre
- Steve Sifuentes (October 2007)

Roshann - Fighter
Burney - Druid
Li Jen - Monk
Murdock Backerson - Fighter
Marcus - Ranger
Calvin of Hobbs - Cleric
Hitch - Mage

The citizens of Hap have been warned that Drow are hiding out in some caves. One Prisoner has been questioned but with nothing conclusive The Magnificent 7 decide to take the fight to the Drow. Before heading to the caves Hitch spells the stones and reads the runes. The Circle is a Portal to the New Temple Vhaerun in Mythdranor (An abandoned Elvish City).

Preparing for the battle M7 discusses the Drow's abilities they can Levitate, Create a Globe of Darkness, Faire Fire and can see in the dark. Black Goggles are a Symbol of Vehrune. A Wyvern has been spotted at times when the Drow are seen so the group is wary of this creature as well.

Drow guards are spotted by the advance team of Marcus, Li and Hitch, they inform the others and a plan is devised. Burney approaches the caves first and is asked to "Halt" by the wary guards. Burney does as they say and the guards are stupefied into what to ask him next. M7 takes advantage of their confusion and attacks. The guards a mixture of Drow and Goblins are quickly dealt with. One Goblin runs for help and the group breaks into 2 to cover more ground. One side runs into the bulk of the Drow - Goblin contingent and Rashe charges into the fray to keep them busy while the others regroup.

As the battle rages on M7 unites and on many fronts the battle is fought with each member in a desperate fight. Li Jen fights furiously with his staff but saves his most devastating attack on a goblin. His fist becomes unto like a thing of Iron stunning the goblin severely. The former dockworker seems to have trouble dispatching the goblin however no doubt tired from tapping into his inner chi.

The Drow Cleric Murat emerges from the darkness but before he can act Marcus disrupts one of his spells and battles with him keeping him from using his prayers to aid his allies. The battle goes well as many goblins are dispatched by M7. Rashe has held many at bay and Murdock has had no trouble in sending them to their god. However, Murat does draw upon his magics to raise the fallen goblins and Zombies attack us. Now the vicious fight becomes desperate. Burney informs us Murat is not Neutral.

The Cleric Calvin lives up to his War God's teachings fighting alongside Rashe but falls victim to several blows dropping unconscious. He is quickly roused and is able to keep the Zombies at bay at a key moment giving M7 control of the battlefield. All that is left is Murat.

The wily Drow tries to escape with the groups treasure by casting Sanctuary but Hitch is unfazed and the group surrounds Murat allowing him passage to his gods. Murat's Journal is found and his mission objective discovered. His group is waiting for Levi of Thay. This Red Mage will use magic gems found to empower the circle creating the Portal to Vhaerun. Burney discovered that the cave the Drow had been using as their Headquarters could also be utilized as a shelter for the evening. Also found is a note from Sawyer the Mill Owner was found discussing M7 and their clearing out the nearby Tower of Hap. More of Sawyer's communications found and these are brought to the Authorities attention in Hap.

Next Time: Illmuth Guards arrive and the Trial of Sawyer.

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Horrors in Hap
Chapter 5 - Arbiters of Justice
- Steve Sifuentes (November 2007)

Roshann - Fighter
Burney - Druid
Li Jen - Monk
Murdock Backerson - Fighter
Marcus - Ranger
Calvin of Hobbs - Cleric
Hitch - Mage

Lord Illmuth arrives in Hap to gauge the ongoing crisis with the Drow. He rides with a Mage advisor named Heron dressing in a green tunic and Captain Silmeth with 20 men. After various power meetings he calls forth Roshann, Burney, Calvin and Hitch. He presents to them a writ of ownership for the Tower. Due to the increased Drow activity the people of this region need protectors and arbiter of justice. He wished these 4 to take this mantle. He was expecting our old comrade Torl to be still alive but with his passing and the good fortune of having Calvin, Cleric of Torm, he makes the offer to the Holy Man as well as the living three Tower owners. Calvin, Roshann and Hitch say Yes. Burney is reluctant to join for philosophical reasons and politely declines.

M7 gains ownership of the mill but it may not be the money maker hoped for and more work then originally thought. But some nice wood work will be gained at cost. Burney comes upon the idea to get the mill workers to work on building out the Tower to more livable standards. Fentor and Lord Illmuth know each other it is discovered when they meet later.

The Drow captive still in the M7 tower escapes though no one can quite sure how. Marcus is able to track him at one point running away from the tower. At a party later in the evening Roshann and Heron discuss over too much wine the Red Gems that M7 are in possession of. Hitch makes a deal to trade a gem for information and Heron agrees. The gems allow casters who create magic items to do so more easily and at less risk to themselves. A powerful mage would be more interested in these but they are valuable as barter to anyone. In a conversation we find the Cable one of the Harpers was by about a month ago.

Mint Dowel whom M7 has had dealings with before for Lord Sandoval seeks out Marcus and discusses with him a proposition. The Lord's lead Huntsman has been killed by the Wyvern flying around the area. Dowel wants M7 to find this creature before it causes more harm. The Lord will pay 500 gp for the head and tail of the Wyvern. M7 agrees to the terms. In the process Marcus secures a steed for himself from the Lord's stables. While investigating at Sandoval's Manor the group discovers that the Lord has been importing creatures and in turn hunting them. It appears the Wyvern turned the tables on its captors and killed the Huntsman and escaped. While tracking the Wyvern the group sees Orc and Goblin tracks around the area. The best possible lair is a set of caves nearby and investigating M7 stakes out the area for the Wyvern and soon it arrives. The creature flies and has claws and a poison tail. It kills for sport and is of a bad temper. Burney entangles it to the ground and the group dispatches it but Hitch falls immobile to its poisonous sting. Some salve created by Calvin and Marcus proves beneficial for some of the party members who had also been stung at warding off immobilization.

M7 finds that Orcs and Goblins were setting out game for the Wyvern to eat. The Orcs and Goblins arrive and after a quick battle they are dispatched. Trailing back the retreating goblins the group finds their camp and after questioning the reveal they had planned on capturing and attempting to train the Wyvern.

M7 heads back to Sandoval Manor and good fortune shines down upon them as Lord Sandoval's daughter, The Lady Sandoval, is a Priestess and can cure Hitch's paralyzation. Roshann takes him up to her and with an icy look at the M7 female fighter, Lady Sandoval removes the immobilization from Hitch albeit with a great deal of pain on the Mage's person in the process. When finished Lady Sandoval give Hitch a playful firm slap on his face with a offer of more and exits.

Next Episode - Hitch requests help from Burney on a special item and Members of M7 are plagued by ominous dreams.

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Interlude - Burney Learns a Lesson
- Bill Lukash (November 2007)

Burney leaned against the Tower of Hap. The sun was setting to the west and the night creatures were becoming restless. The remaining sunlight warmed his cheeks, but he could feel the first touches of winter in the air. He closed his eyes and listened to the sounds around him. He thought of his fallen friend, Torl.

After a while, Burney opened his eyes. The sun had nearly set behind the hills to the west. He pulled out his pipe and smoked as he contemplated the circle of life and death. A small toad hopped up his foot and puffed out his throat. Croooak. Croooak. Burney bent over to pick up the toad, which eagerly hopped into his open hand.

Burney lifed the toad to his face to better view it. The toad looked back at Burney. "May I partake of your smoke?" said the toad.
Burney was startled for a moment, but laughingly responded, "I only share with those I know by name."
"Aha" said the toad, "then allow me to introduce myself. I am Sir Mortimer Pondshore, Warden of the Left Bank and Chief Toad of the Muddy Pond."
"Oho," said Burney, "you are nobility?"
"Well then, Sir Pondshore, please enjoy this smoke, and many more, with my compliments and well-wishes. I am Burney Gurgle, formerly of Ten-Towns, but recently of the Tower Hap."
"Delighted," said the toad.
Burney placed the pipe near the toad, which had crawled over to the edge of Burney's hand. The toad took a very long draw from the pipe, for a toad, Burney thought, indeed, it was long for a human. The toad blew out an elaborate smoke ring. In it were the faces of his current companions.
"What you see," said the toad, "are the faces of your companions."
"They are temporary. They will pass away in time, as all living things do."
The toad took another long draw at the pipe and blew out another elaborate smoke ring next to the first, which still hung in the air.
"What you see now is the the Sun and the Earth. They are your everlasting companions. You can not leave them. They can not leave you."
"In one form or another, you will always exist. It just so happens that right now you are in the form of a man. At other times you exist in other forms."
"Reincarnation," offered Burney.
"Reincarnation is just the process of assuming new forms," said the toad, "but you must think beyond that. It is not of what I speak."
Burney puffed on his pipe and thought. The toad laid down on Burney's palm and spoke again.
"Everything," said the toad, "is from the Earth and will return to it once it's days are done. It is the cycle. You can never separte yourself from the Earth. You cannot break the cycle."
"I see. But what about the Sun?"
"The Sun creates growth, sustains life, and decomposes the dead. The Sun and the Earth are eternal, Burney. They are constant. They will outlast the mightiest dragons and the most powerful elven lords. Because they are eternal, and you are a part of them, you are eternal as are your are all things. As a Druid, you are the caretaker of the natural order...the cycle of life and death."

The toad took a long draw and puffed out another elaborate smoke ring.
This time a crested wave appeared.
"This is the symbol of Istishia."
"She is the goddess of the seas and water."
"She is the goddes I follow as well."
"Yes." The toad puffed out his throat and looked at Burney in the face.
"Istishia is not as well-regarded as the Gods of the Sun and Earth, Burney, but she is no less important. She is the bridge between the Earth and the Sun. She enables them to create life or destroy it. Without water the Sun and the Earth could only create bare, broken land. With water, life is possible. With too much water, life is extinguished."
"Except for the seas," offered Burney.
"Yes." The toad continued. "Istishia is pleased that you treated well with the water elemental you encountered many days ago. Although the poor creature was twisted and confused, you were able to calm its rage and still paid it honor. This has pleased Istishia."
A smile crossed Burney's face. He was happy to have caught the attention of his goddess.
"But you have failed in other ways," said the toad. "Does Istishia not grant you the ability to create water at will?"
"And have you done so?"
"Rarely," said Burney. He began to understand where this discussion was going. He began shifting uneasily from foot to foot.
"Water is unevenly distributed throughout the world."
"Am I to redistribute all the world's water?"
"Not even the goddess herself has the power to do that, Burney. But you do have the ability to provide water to those in need. Have you noticed how dry your surroundings have been? We are in a draught, Burney, and many animals that once lived in this area have moved away from their homes to find water. Many have died."
"...and your pond?"
"Nearly dry. You have done well to root out the corruption in this area, Burney, but a Druid's responsiblity goes beyond fighting monsters and brigands. You are responsible for the cycle of life and death...the balance of nature. You have been given the power and the duty to protect guide it."
"I see." said Burney, "I should have created water in the that the inhabitants of this region could use it."
"Yes," said the toad, who motioned for Burney to lower him to the ground.
"But the draught is natural, too, and too much water would create an imbalance. The weak would not pass away. Some creatures would stay even though this area is not a suitable environment for them. They would grow dependent on the blessings of Istishia."
"How will I know when I've done too much?"
"Only you will know that, Burney. The balance is precarious. That is why Druid's spend their entire lives devoted to understanding it. Only wisdom gained through experience will answer that question for you."

Seeing, or perhaps sensing the toad had nothing left to say, Bunrey thanked him for his advice and promised to visit the pond soon. Burney wiped the pee off his hand after Sir Pondshore hopped away.

The moon was nearly at its zenith before Burney moved from his resting spot. He repacked his pipe and began smoking it at a furious pace. Burney paced back and forth with a nervousness he couldn't shake. Suddenly, he heard a branch snap in the forest and walked toward the sound. He called out but there was no answer. The forest seemed too quiet...something was wrong. Burney felt like he was being watched. He was on edge. He considered rousing his companions from their slumber, but chose to move deeper into the woods surrounding the tower in search of the watcher. Burney did not return to the Tower of Hap for many weeks. What transpired in the woods is still a mystery.

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Horrors in Hap
Chapter 6 - The Black Hand Rises
- Steve Sifuentes (November 2007)

Cast: Roshann - Fighter
Burney - Druid (Absent)
Li Jen - Monk
Murdock Backerson - Fighter
Marcus - Ranger
Calvin of Hobbs - Cleric
Hitch - Mage

Father Padrig sees Roshann and Calvin. He has a dream of a special shrine nearby to Lithander under siege by Bane's's followers. Likewise Calvin has had a dream of the Hand of Bane rising up to crush Lithander. The Abby of the Just Hammer is a one day trip so M7 decides to ride off for this location. Padrig pleased that we are traveling there gives us a blessing and some potions of healing.

At the Abby we met Father Collin and after introductions we sit down for dinner. There we hear a rumor that an army of Zhents and Drow are moving into the Shadowdale. This alarms Roshann in particular as her hatred for the Zhents is legendary. It is decided that since the Abby is hard pressed at this time, M7 will undertake the journey to the Shrine to make sure all is as it should be. Friar Justin will journey with us for support.

While traveling we conclude that in 7 nights there will be a Holy Night of Bane that the dark god's followers will take full advantage of to empower themselves. M7 has until then to reach the shrine. While traveling a group of Harpies charm the group with their foul singing except for Roshann, Murdoch and Marcus. Thankfully these three are able to turn the tide and keep the others from falling under their spell. However after the fight concludes we discover that Friar Justin has taken a vow not to bear weapons or armor. The group must make sure that nothing happens to him while they travel these last few dangerous miles. The Harpies are found to be allies to Bane increasing the danger.

The group arrives to the Shrine. The battle plan is to divide into 2 groups and try to take them unaware. Roshann, Calvin, Murdoch and Justin will attack from the front. Marcus, Li, and Hitch from the back. Luck shines on the group as they catch the Bane followers with their guard down. The fight is intense but the outside group does come to the aid of the inside group at the end. The evil cleric to Bane, Balthon, has one trick left casting a sanctuary spell on himself that all fail but for Roshann who brings the dark worshiper to ground. Father Wallson who maintains the shrine is found alive and he begins the task of cleaning up the shrine. M7 heads back with Justin in tow. The group decides to head or Ordalin to do some much needed shopping.

Next Episode: Shopping Spree in Ordalin

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Battle Beneath Ordulin
An Excerpt from Murdoc's Diary
- Kelly Donahue (November 2007)

Ah Ordalin my first big city and from the first sight as we crested the hill I was impressed by its sheer size and the number of people and was chomping at the bit to get lost in its streets among the colorful stalls with there hawkers, my share off the spare coin we had recently won burning holes in my coin purse. I felt my palms getting all sweaty when suddenly I was snapped back to reality by the voice of the captain stating "business first" to know one in particular. Sighing as I fell back in line I nodded and though she didn't turn her head I thought I saw a faint smile on her face. Not ten minutes later as we closed on the main city gate she noticed that the many colored pavilions and tents set up outside the walls were in fact a gypsy camp and quick as you please abandoned us saying "Don't wait around I can find you when I need to." I opened my mouth to protest but quickly shut it again as I once again noticed the size of her biceps and just silently marched on with the rest.

After dropping a few copper to local urchins Lei guided us to the stables, like he lived in this city his whole life, where the day long ordeal of getting mounts began. Marcus and Burney inspected each animal like a jeweler going over some fine babble then either a slight nod or wink would set Hitch in motion to begin the fine art of the haggle feigning his disinterest, pointing out flaws in the beast, getting mad, moving on to another horse trader, coming back, and finally breaking down and taking it "as well it was as good as the rest" he supposed. And though I am positive we have the best horses this city had to offer it was all a bit tedious and after watching for two hours me and Calvin managed to sneak away to a Fletcher right down the street and ended up each getting quite a nice crossbow (with quarrels thrown in for free do to our newfound haggling expertise) Upon our return I noticed Lei had pulled Hitch aside and was drawing a map in the dirt, then Lei left with a rather seeding looking heavily scarred man and one of his urchin guides and he would not be seen for the rest of the day or the next in fact. Around dusk we finished our deals at the stables and had our new set of horses boarded along with Marcus's horse they all are quite fine riding horses though the one bought for Calvin seems a bit stockier and mean spirited than the rest I suppose that's what we get for sneaking off.

Our next stop lead us through a tangle of ally ways and into the heart of the city (though most the shops were now closing grr) and I can only assume this is what Lei was mapping for Hitch before he left, though how anyone could make sense of the maze we traversed from some lines in the dirt is beyond me, to a strange little shop called Crowley's it was of items like I have seen Hitch use for his spells and had many scrolls and beakers lining the shelves. Hitch was under whelmed by the man at the desk and instantly asked to see the owner, muttering something about "apprentices" as he went to fetch him. Mr. Crowley himself seemed to be a bit upset at having his study disturbed but his mood almost instantly changed as he sized us up ( later I mistakenly thought that this was because we were an answer to his component problem but Hitch later explained it was part that and perhaps the fact we were carrying real magic items and not some idiots looking to have a love potion made or there neighbor cursed) After a cursory glance at out potions and small items Hitch showed him a stone (the drow circle ones)and Crowley's eyes lit up he let us know that there were far more valuable than we were led to believe. And after further discussion the price of identifying what we have plus perhaps favors to come if we could retrieve the eyes and end tips of an Oy-tug??? was discussed.

I had no idea of what that was but Hitch seemed to know and we were in luck as it seemed one has been plaguing the sewers of this very city so it was decided we would track this thing down in the morning while Crowley prepared for looking at our items. Hitch turned the conversation to a philosophical debate of magic principles and Calvin, Markus,and I managed to escape to seek lodging before it got worse, we tried to save Burney as well but it was to late for him and he waved us off absorbed in the nonsense.

Calvin had decided to stay with his Brothers at the church to Torm he had seen earlier and suggested that we perhaps go with him and discover if there was a shrine of Lathander as well in this city. There was and our reputation had somewhat preceded us as they had an inkling of what we did for them at the lake shrine we were offered rooms and food for free providing we observe the coming dawn and attend mass which was fine for Markus and I, Calvin of course returned to his own church.

In the morning do to the service Markus and I arrived at Crowley's bright and early, soon Calvin and Hitch arrived and finally Burney with two mangy looking scrap hounds in tow. Burney said they were special "tunnel dogs" and that they would be of great use to us in the sewers, I tried to pet one and it nearly took my arm off at the elbow so after that I gave em there space. I suggested that if this Oy-tug was indeed kind of a pest we should ask around and see if perhaps anyone else wanted it gone and sure enough the local tanners/meat packers guild had a bounty out on it because it kept coming out and stealing livestock, meat, and hides to eat (I guess they chew anything) we decided to start there as that is where it seemed to hunt the most. Burney in a flash of foresight suggested we go to the city archives and see if we could get maps to the sewers as this is one of the most advanced and well build city's in the kingdom. Unfortunately we were undermined by a bureaucrat and the map we finally retrieved was not worth the paper it was on as it basically showed us the entrance we were going in and that's it the rest being classified and we received a stern warning about popping up in someone's shop from the sewer.

We met with the tanners who led us to our entry point and prepared as best we could for this nasty business we donned old clothing,Calvin wrapped camphor soaked clothes he had made around our noses and mouths, and Burney secured a ball of twine to the entrance rung he would play out as we went along. Burney also took time and talked with each of the dogs telling him what he expected of them. During our preparations Hitch approached me and said "You know the Roshann's not here you and Marcus are gonna have to keep that thing off us long enough so we can get our spells off. "Heh of course" I said and shot a glance to Marcus for a bit of reassurance but he seemed intent on looking in the tunnel and I started to wonder how big are these things are.

The tunnels were well more horrible than could be imagined nearly 20 foot across with a 5 walkway spanning either side the middle bit was 4 foot deep river of near stagnant water/ urine/ blood and feces with a good helping of fur bits, rotting meat and bone slivers thanks to the tannery of course all this had slopped up and in some places covered the walkway making it slippery and treacherous. Instantly I did notice a change in the tunnel dogs as instead of growling at the party as normal they were busy running back and forth rolling around and eating the choice bits off the walkway. I smiled and was about to make a great jest to the druid when I caught his face, you know I have never seen Burney mad nor do I want to again, He was literally shaking with rage staring at the muck, I had not thought about it earlier and perhaps we should not have asked him to come ( though I suspect he wanted to see this with his own eyes is as to why he was indeed here)but surely this was an abomination of everything he holds dear all this filth ends up in a river somewhere and for a second I feared he might go right back up the ladder to level the town with his bare hands. He with some effort set his jaw and looked down the tunnel, as soon as he did the dogs stopped there playing and shot down the sides all business, I wisely kept my shut and started down the tunnel as well with the others.

Markus looked for signs of anything strange but the slow moving ooze had pretty much erased any signs though on some bits of the drier walkway lots of rat dung and tracks but nothing out of the normal. About 30 minutes in Calvin announced we were being followed and we stopped and waited sure enough a large gray rat of the normal variety was stalking us, upon seeing he was noticed he fell back a few feet and continued to stare intently at the party. Brother Calvin stepped towards it and stated "we have no fight with you and yours were here for the Oy-Tug" the rat of course said nothing back and continued to stalk but a bit further back than before.

Not long after that the main passage opened up into a kind of 4 way connecting chamber with a sort of pool where all the branches met in the middle. Marcus found what he said was a track and moved ahead to look for more. The rest of us moved up and I looked at the track it looked like someone had set a big beer barrel in the mud and pulled it straight out again. About that time the Oy-Tug struck. One of the dogs who had ran around the far side of the room just vanished in a spray of blood and ooze as the thing lurched out of the center of the pool. This thing was huge it had three barrel shaped legs each the height of a man and a pecker shaped body about 7 foot long the top of which was toped with a maw that could bite the head off a horse and two long tentacle arms spiked at the tips each twice the height of a man and nearly 2 foot thick each one holding half of a dog it had just pulled apart. I uttered a quick battle cry and charged.

My first blow was not well placed and my sword glanced down the side of this hideous things body I nearly lost my footing on the ledge and felt searing pain shoot up my leg as a great tentacle wrapped around me and started to squeeze the life out of me and it began reeling me in for a bite. That's when I noticed a very strange thing, I seemed to be completely alone with the beast. I pride myself on being hard to shake but at the moment alone, it crushing me all I could think of was this is exactly the sort of thing that put Tyganis out of adventuring for good and I had yet to make a name for myself and that scared the hell out of me. With an inhuman effort born of that fear I braced my legs and halted it pulling me into its mouth got my sword arm clear enough to swing and almost took the tentacle off with my next hit. Freed briefly I saw the last mutt jump in the fray working over the remains of its mauled appendage and suddenly felt rather than heard the prayer of Calvin blessing me. Spitting muck I swung again full into the creatures body and was rewarded when my blade bit home though once again I felt its flailing spikes glance off my breastplate but gouge deep furrows into my arms. Suddenly the thing shrieked and I was blinded by the dazzling burst of light coming off it Hitch's spell blinded it and its remaining attacks were ineffective, and from the other side of the creature I could see a figure land yet another tell blow upon it, though I could not till after the battle tell it was in fact Burney taking out his anger on this unnatural beast. My last blow upon it was by far my best with finally both legs braced I dropped my torch and swung my bastard sword two handed in an upward swing almost completely serving one of its thick legs and biting deep into its lower body. The hazy figure across for me again slammed it and I could see its body shiver, then slump forward lying still that's when I noticed the neat line of arrows sticking out of it. Relived and somewhat worried about my wounds I slumped against the wall and watched as a quick thinking Calvin jumped into the pool and secured the beast from floating away or disappearing under the muck. I declined healing to let the wounds bleed out any infection and it seemed to work as I still as healthy as I ever was. Hitch always thinking mouthed a spell and was sure there was something magical in the pool but getting it would involve a dunking when no one else said anything to this he shrugged went under and came up with a necklace he said he felt coins as well but I guess even his greed has limits as he didn't try again. About the time we had gotten the components off the body and let it sink into the mire. We heard the chittering approach of rats lots of them, out of each of the opposing tunnels came great swarms of rats followed by some of the biggest rats I have ever seen and a few human figures. They didn't seem to want to fight a lot nor did we so a parley insued. The Wererats wanted us to pay a toll for being in there area. Sick of the tunnels somewhat banged up and magic depleted we agreed,and gave 2 healing potions to one of there number named Mario. We left during there confusion while they were still wondering what the hell just happened as i dont think they had ever had there toll payed before.

Once out we were welcomed as heroes by the tanners (though at a distance) and all stripped and bathed as best we could before heading to a bathhouse. Well all except Burney who insisted he must return the oh so helpful map to the clerks office before his clothing managed to dry.

I think tomorrow I will sneak off before I can be roused into something else and see the city.

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Chapter 7: Savage Sewers
- Steve (November 2007)

Roshann - Fighter (Absent)
Burney - Druid
Li Jen - Monk (Absent)
Murdock Backerson - Fighter
Marcus - Ranger
Calvin of Hobbs - Cleric
Hitch - Mage

Ordalin is a bright shining city built on the area formally called Moondale. Free trade and a tolerant people can be found. So it is not a place where a more wretched hive of scum and villainy can be found but the group must be cautious none the less. While Roshann hangs out with some gypsies and Li makes some much needed "contacts" at Hitch's request the rest of the group go about seeing a man about a horse and a Mage about some magic items.

The group prices out some riding horses and purchases them. Calvin chooses a sturdier steed to ride.

Crowley is the type of mage who you trust. Discreet, wise and cautious. While in conversations about the items we are having looked at he strikes up a bargain if M7 will assist in securing some hard to find substances he will examine and identify all the items at no cost. He even throws in telling us about the Black Goggles.

The mission goes well and M7 secures the items. However the conversation turns to the red gems and Crowley tells us the following.

Each Gem is worth 2000 gp - 5000 gp depending on whom you can sell it with. It can be used to empower an item with 1 special ability per gem. A single Gem can make an weapon +1 / +1 essentially. Crowley's cost of this would be a Gem. So 1 gem gets you 1 item empowered. Bernie had some innovative ideas like taking a gem and empowering boots or sandals with "Pass without Trace". (As to the remaining 3 gems in the Tower as we advance it should be easy to equate a gem for someone passing on items in the hope they can have a gem for the future. Or just "buying in" to get a gem. Again more food for thought.)

As stated before the mission went well and no one was hurt. Hitch borrowed from the party treasury a sizable amount he will pay back (nearly 700 gp) but has M Missile and several other spells for 2nd level in his book now and is ready when he advances soon. The unknown items Crowley identified included:
The Shaman's Staff +1 (Bernie now posses it and Marcus has taken the scimitar)
A Potion of Tongues
2 Healing Potions
Potion of Protection from Arrows
Potion of Invisibility (2 uses)

The battle in the sewers is fierce and short. The group hunts down the Eooygu with Marcus aid in tracking. Bernie brings on some help in the form of 2 street dogs for rat control. The creature's lair is foul but Murdock leads the charge and the monster is defeated.

However some denizens of the sewers arrive in the form of were-rats. Calvin negotiates with them to leave us alone by giving them 2 healing potions as a fee for traveling in their sewers. The Tentacle and Head which Crowley wanted are secured and the group heads out to collect their bounty.

Also found in the sewers was an Ox Medallion granting the wearer +2 on their Con.

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Chapter 8: Rat Trap
- Steve (December 2007)

Roshann - Fighter
Burney - Druid (Placeholder)
Li Jen - Monk
Murdock Backerson - Fighter
Marcus - Ranger (Placeholder)
Calvin of Hobbs - Cleric
Hitch - Mage

The Black Roses and The Rat Men are in a gang war around Ordalain. Boss Thorne of the Roses proposes to Li an opportunity to have M7 launch a preemptive strike on a group following the Cult of Malar. A group of them are planning to rob a caravan and Thorne wants M7 to get to them before they get to the caravan. M7 does some research and finds that a trend among many of the upper class is to allow themselves to become Were Beasts for fun and pleasure. We also find that it takes silver or magic to harm these creatures and if you get bit there is chance you can succumb to the animal side. A greater chance if you are more willing. A Herbalist is found to help prepare a poultice to lessen the chance of this affecting a person who is bitten.

The caravan is on its way from Hap to Ordalain and the attack will be right before the River. Herrick is the head of the caravan and does not know M7 will intercept. The Two Headed Wolf is a local bar where all the action takes place and the center of our story. M7 checks into the Two Headed Wolf and runs into a familiar face. Justin is on his way to the Shrine of Lithander with craftsmen to repair it. The group chats and bids him good journey.

That night is filled with revelry and song. Rashann in particular provides entertainment for all by dancing to the melodic tunes of a bard and drinking much. Finally everyone ceases their merriment and goes to bed. That night, Li hears something strange and spies a rodent scurrying down the side of the Inn and off into the woods. The rodent is coming from the rooms of 2 Strangers who had been staying in the Inn for several days on a recreational visit. The direction of the rodent makes Li suspicious so the entire group is on guard. We discover a camp site not far from the 2H Wolf Inn and see it populated by men with tails!

The next day M7 heads off to find the caravan before it gets to the 2H Wolf Inn. The ride is quiet as Rashann feeling the effects of her merry making and even the swaying of the horses may too much for our fearsome female fighter. The Caravan is met and Harrick is convinced M7 means him no harm. We tell him to act normally and ride in to the 2H Wolf Inn as normal and ride on. We would take care of the rest. All that is left is to ambush the ambushers. M7 watches the men and sees them conducting a ceremony while the moon is high and bright. No better time to spring on them and the group attacks. Rashann inspires Marcus with a past Tale of Valor based on the last time we fought against Were Creatures as the Ranger was unsettled against them previoulsy. Bernie uses his powers over tree and vine to create an area ensnaring many of the Rodent Men. The battle is intense but the evil Werewolf Cleric is dispatched. However some of the Rat Men escape and M7 has to hunt them down. One springs out of the dark upon Li Jen and only his skill as a martial artist saves him as Li stuns the Were Rat with a single blow. One of the Rat Men surrenders and Murdock spares his life. The group decides to visit the 2 mysterious strangers whom they met at the 2H Wolf Inn. They are intercepted heading for the Caravan and to their surprise they run into M7 and not their Pink Tailed Comrades. They weave a tale of their own about "fishing" and even though they have poles and gear we still are forced to arrest them after an intense hunt.

But what to do with our prisoners that will please all members of M7? The group decides to go to Featherdale a rural city of Humans, Hobbits, Gnomes. We explain the crime and those who participated and after a quick trial the Rat Men are introduced to a short rope. They hiss and spit condemnations against M7.

Our last stop is dropping in on the Shrine of Lithander and seeing Father Wallson and Justin. The good Father we hope will aid us in determining if any of the rat bites carry the Were Disease. No one is a carrier and with a happy sigh we head back to Hap.

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Campaign Relaunch Feb 2009
17th - 19th of Marpenoth 1374 DR
- originally sent as a summary of the last session to those that weren't there

Here is a recap for everyone (Kurt, Bill, and Matt) that wasn't there. The folks that were there feel free to correct or expand on anything.

Burney, Karg, and Calvin escorted the villagers to Ashabenford with plans to meet the rest of the group later.

The big Wizard Istivin came down on his Manticore and Marcus did the talking with Lei Jen and Lazel backing him up. He was impressed that the group was able to handle the Bugbears and Blacksun's mercs. He offered the group a spot in his personal guard and pulled some gold, 3 healing potions, and 5 sleep arrows out of his belt pouch as an initial payment. He also gave them a medallion with the some Zhent symbols on it that would act as a pass if they ran into any patrols. He told them how to get to his tower and expects them to be there in a week or so.

Rastl (Hitch's psuedo dragon) thought he had caught a glimpse of some small thing lurking around earlier. Marcus used his goggles True Sight to look around eventually spotted an Imp. The imp left about 15 minutes after the Wizard Istivin flew off on his Manticore.

The group had a discussion and decided to head up river using the medallion as a pass, but not going to work for Istivin, Instead, since the Zhents will not be making any moves with winter coming on, they would go through Shadowdale and head to the Dragon Spine mountains to find the true Tomb of Kursk One Tusk (based on the map in the bottom of the fake tomb inside the Grey Keep).

They headed north to the point where they were to rendezvous with the Burney, Karg, and Calvin. Along the way they saw some activity on a barren hill top in the distance. Marcus used his goggles to zoom in and saw that there was a group of men-at-arms driving slaves to clear the land and begin construction of a tomb. There was also a line of dead impaled knights wearing the habit of the Knights of Tyr from the Monastery of the Hammer. They observed for a while longer and saw a Priest of Bane was directing the whole affair.

They attacked and were able to take down the men at arms pretty quickly. They were able to neutralize the Cleric's spell casting with a silence spell, but he was able to drink a heroism potion and a potion of giants strength and put up quite a fight before he was brought down.

The group buried the bodies of the men at arms and Bane priest in a shallow grave. Took pieces of the knights for identification, and sent the slaves down river towards Ashabenford.

Next time we will pick up when the group rendevous and moves through Shadowdale. The biggest worry is that either Roshan will go nuts and start killing Zhents or that Marcus will go nuts and start killing Ogres working for the Zhents...

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28 Feb 2009 - GMs summary
29th - 30th of Marpenoth 1374 DR

Roshann - Fighter
Burney - Druid
Li Jen - Monk
Lazel - Archer
Marcus - Ranger
Calvin - Cleric
Hitch - Mage
Karg - Fighter

After discussing what to do with the Zhent pass-key medallions, the group headed to the town of Shadowdale after losing the medallion that Istavan gave them, and keeping the one from the Bane Priest.

At the gates, using the nom-de-guerre of "Tasha", Roshann gets the group into the town. They find a smaller Inn that had rooms and fewer mercs and Zhents in residence. The group settled in, while Lei and Lazel went to see about aquiring supplies.

Lei and Lazel make contact with some locals who are working against the Znents. They give them advice on who to trade with, and Lei offers to get them some supplies. Lei and Lazel then visit some traders, and place orders. They won't be able to pick things up until "Tasha" shows up with the pass-key.

Back at the Inn, Karg has a drink with four half-orcs from the Blood-Thorn mercenary band, but quickly tires of paying for their drinks. Hitch goes to his room to study and speaks with one of the serving girls, who tells him that after dark only those working for the Zhents are allowed on the streets.

Lei and Lazel return, and go into the main hall of the inn about the same time that a freshly bathed Roshann settles in at the bar to "sip" a drink. Marcus is also relaxing in the main room.

Meanwhile Burney is wandering the town seeing what the situation is with the local druids. He is unable to find any, but a local tells him that they often met on a nearby hill called Watchers Knoll.

On Watchers Knoll there is a large gnarled old oak tree and leaning Stone Plinth. Burney goes to investigate the tree is about to cast speak with plants, when the tree addresses him. It is an Ent named Garmanathar, and tells him that it has been a while since druids have worshipped on the hill, but not long in Ent terms. Burney thanks Gramanathar and tells him he will visit again. Burney also climbs to the top of the stone plinth where he gets a good view of Shadowdale, and can see the damage caused by the Zhents attack and how they are working on repairing the city pallisades.

Back at the Inn, one of the contacts Lei and Lazel made earlier comes in and warns them that there are 2 members of the "Black Staff", a Zhentish Secret Police organization made up mostly of Wizards, are in the inn and he points them out to them.

About that time one of the two "Black Staff" members moves next to Roshann at the bar. He introduces himself as Stephen Monarch, a novelist from Waterdeep. He buys Roshann a drink and begins asking her questions about where she is from. Marcus spots Stephen slipping something into Roshann's drink and Calvin sees a glassy look forming in her eyes. Calvin moves in and gets in on the conversation sitting between the two. He seems to stop the flow of the conversation for a bit.

Lei decides to create a disruption by picking a fight with one of the Blood Thorn orcs. He jostles one and quickly starts a fight. Lazel joins in and then the orcs all move in. This seems to rouse Roshann and she rushes in to try and stop the fight. A free for all ensues and all the group that is in the bar, except Karg, join in. Lei Jinn knocks out one of the orcs and the rest of the group put down another. At this point Roshann, with a red glow leaking out from behind her eyepatch, is able to get the other two to back down and take their two unconscious buddies back to their rooms.

Roshann then tells Stephen that her mood is ruined and she is going to bed. Stephen makes an lunch date with her for the following day.

Up in their rooms, Roshann can't quite recall all that he told Stephen, but thinks she told them that they came from the south. It is decided that the group will get up early, get supplies and head out of town.

The group purchases the supplies the next morning. Lei and Lazel get some weapons and leave them for their local contacts.

The group then heads to Dagger Falls. There the purchase some climbing gear and head along the River Tesh towards the Dragonspine mountains.

As they get into the mountains and near the site where they think Kursk One Tusk's tomb will be, they come to a small village. The inhabitants all look like they have various amounts of orcish blood.

The village headman addresses Karg, and asks if he is going to visit the shrine to Gruumsh. Karg doesn't commit to where he is heading. Karg asks about who is at the shrine, and learns that there is a priest and that various orc tribes send guardians at different times.

Burney asks if the headman worships Gruumsh. The headman replies that he worships all gods in their season. Burney then digs in his robes and pulls out a holy symbol of Gruumsh, which he gives to the village headman.

Hitch sends his familar ahead to check out the shrine. Rastl reports seeing about a dozen or so orcs, an ogre, and a surprisingly beautiful orcish/half orcish woman there.

The group then heads on and decides to attempt to bypass the Shrine to Gruumsh, and head to the tomb. This is where the session ended.

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14 Mar 2009 - GMs summary
5th - 20th of Uktar 1374 DR

Roshann - Fighter
Burney - Druid
Li Jen - Monk
Lazel - Archer
Marcus - Ranger
Calvin - Cleric
Hitch - Mage
Karg - Fighter

Marcus lead the group around the Gruumsh Shrine and further into the mountains. They found the trailhead leading up to the tomb. The trail was too narrow and treacherous for the horses, so Marcus found a suitable area to hobble them and cut some fodder and put some water down for the horses.

The group made their way up the path. Marcus discovered an abandoned water skin on the table, probably a couple of months old.

At the top of the trail the doorway to the tomb was smashed open. There was a single eye carved into the stone over the door (symbol of Gruumsh).

The hallway past the door lead down to another set of doors that were slightly ajar. Halfway down the hallway was an open pit with a wooden plank laid across it. Looking in the pit, it could be seen that there were spikes in the bottom, but no bodies.

The room at the end of hallway was an octagon with sunken floor. In the middle of the room was a large roughly carved stone statue. Around the statue were some decomposed bodies that had suffered blunt force trauma. There were also some chipped and broken swords lying near the bodies. There were three doors leaving that room, each with orcish writing and carving on them. One door was labeled "Hall of Vanquished Foes", one "Hall of Trusted Servants", on "Hall of Warriors".

Some experiments were done and it was realized that only someone with orcish blood (Karg), could enter the room without causing the Stone Golem to come to life.

The bodies in the room were searched and 3 potions and a magical box were found. Marcus opened the box and a fireball went off nearly killing several members of the group. The group then rested to recover and Hitch experimented with the box.

Karg looked in all the rooms. The Hall of Followers contained various household supplies and some sarcophagi. The Hall of Warriors contained a circle on the floor and two mummified orcish warriors - Karg identified the circle as a ritual orcish leadership combat ring. The Hall of Vanquished foes was heaped with the, mostly skeletal, remains of humans, orcs, dwarves, etc...

Karg entered the Hall of Trusted Servants and several Spectres rose up and attacked. They followed him to the hallway where the rest of the party was, some of the Spectres going through the walls. The group was able to defeat the spectres.

The group rested and Burney used a spell to tunnel from the entrance hallway to the Hall of Trusted Servants. There the party found a Bag of Holding and a Crystal Decanter that always remains full of wine (note: the longer the decanter is allowed to recharge, the better the quality of the wine. Right now it is fantastic, if it is constantly used it will eventually be Mad Dog 2020).

Burney then tunnelled most of the way to the Hall of Vanquished from the entrance hallway and from the Hall of Trusted Servants to the Hall of Warriors.

Karg then volunteered to go into the Hall of Warriors and fight the challenge. Calvin buffed him as much as possible before hand. He was able to defeat the two warriors - one had a magic axe (+3 defender) and one a magic shield (+1).

The group then searched and found a secret door in the back of the Hall of Warriors. They wne through that and it led to a false door and trap. A search of that hallway found another secret door. That door led to a cavern that dropped to a steamy/mist that stunk of sulphur. Several outcropping stuck up out of the mist. A large outcropping in the center contained a sarcophagus and was surrounded by 4 mummified war hounds.

The group decided to use a Flame Strike scroll on the hounds. This damaged them severely. When they rose up they let out a horrible howl that frightened several of the party and sent them running. The party members that didn't flee (led by Lei Jinn) was able to destroy the hounds (due mainly to their Flame Striked state).

A search of the sarcophagus revealed 2400 gp in coins/jewelry. A magical medallion with symbol of Melikki - which matched a magical medallion on the collar of one of the dogs. A magical silver headband/circlet of elvish make. And the (magical) Spear of Blood.

Karg initially got a strange look in his eyes and grabbed the spear not allowing anyone else to have it. Several hours later his head cleared and he was willing to give it up.

The party decided at this point not to mess with the Stone Golem or the Hall of the Vanquished. They went back down the trail to where the horses were and set up camp. They discussed confronting the orcs at the shrine, and most of the party seemed against it.

This is where we will pick up next time.

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28 Mar 2009
25th of Uktar 1374 DR

Roshann - Fighter
Burney - Druid
Li Jen - Monk
Lazel - Archer
Marcus - Ranger
Calvin - Cleric
Hitch - Mage
Karg - Fighter

An Excerpt from the Journal of Burney Gurgle By Bill

Journal Entry 1

Here begins an accounting of my travels throughout Faerun. It seems that I have adapted to a life of adventure which I did not anticipate in my youth. If nothing else, this journal will act as a measure of where I have been and what I have done. Perhaps one day when I am old and near my end I will be able to reflect on what I have done and judge if my actions have benefitted Istishia as they should have.

Recently the party, or so I call our rag-tag group of do-gooders, raided the tomb of a long-dead orc chief. In his tomb we found a spear which he used to rally his people, the orcs, against their enemies. I do not know the reason why we have disturbed the dead, but the rest of the party thought it was important to do so. Having no love of orcs myself, I went along with them. Many members of the party nearly died while pillaging the tomb, but we did manage to retrieve the spear, and a number of magical trinkets, as well.

After taking refreshments and recovering from the wounds we received in the tomb, several members of the party studied a map of the Dalelands to determine the most expedient route home. I am not sure if we are heading to Hap or Ordulin, but we went southeast as quickly as possible. The snows made it difficult to travel quickly, but we managed well enough. I should mention that we avoided an orc shrine located near the tomb because Calvin, and perhaps one or two others in the party, did not want to risk losing the spear to the orcs in the ensuing and inevitable scuffle. Personally, I thought we should have slain the orcs. Marcus agreed with me, but none of the others did, not even Hitch.

Marcus tried to cover our passage through the snow as best he could, but eight people and multiple horses and mules cannot be unobtrusive while traveling. After a time it became apparent that we were being tracked by two orcs mounted on wargs. They did not engage us, but they followed along with ease. There was little doubt these two meant trouble, but we could not engage them and had to hope we could avoid any ambush they might set for us. As it turned out, we fell right into their trap.

The bait, as it were, was a young woman who was naked except for a thin cloak or robe wrapped around her body. She had a large bruise on her face and was huddled against a tree along the road on which we were traveling. Calvin, Lei, Marcus, and perhaps one or two more of the party, rushed to her aid. Hitch and I remained near the back as it appeared the situation was well under control. Then, disaster. From out of the woods behind us came a half-dozen orcs along with a terrible ogre. They slammed into Hitch and myself while the attention of the others was diverted by the girl. From the other direction I heard the call of wargs, so I assume that we were being attacked on both sides. The orcs must have been pursuing us at top speed for some time because they appeared quite haggard when seen up close.

Two of the brutes came at me, but I used the power of the trees to fend off their attacks. Hitch dodged away from a third and cast an obscuring mist around myself and the orcs. My enemies were confused by the mist, so I used the reprieve to call down lightning from the heavens. I hoped to slay a group of orcs which I had seen approaching my position before the mist clouded them from my view. I prayed that I would not hurt one of my friends with the lightning bolt. I heard the crack of lighting and the scream of orcs, but did not know until after the battle that I had slain five of the vicious creatures.

Because I was distracted with my spell, one of the orcs wounded me with a thrust of his rusty, ill-made blade. No doubt my wound would have been more severe if he had not been momentarily distracted by a tremendous roar off to my right-hand side. The roar was quickly followed by two cries of pain from Roshann, or so I believed, who I assumed had engaged the ogre.

The orc that had engaged Hitch now turned his attention to me. Now that I was engaged by three orcs, I felt my situation was becoming quite perilous. Seeing that I could only ward them off until helped arrived, I slowly began backing away from my assailants. Every ounce of energy was directed toward staving off their crude, yet powerful blows. Seeing that they would not easily defeat me, the one to my right imbibed a drink which made him larger and presumably stronger.

Suddenly, Roshann, or so I believed, cried out again, but this time there was a finality to it that chilled by bones. Feeling alone amidst the horde of orcs, I began to evaluate my escape options. I was facing three orcs, and due to the mist I could not see how the others fared. But, even as these thought raced through my mind, I heard the ogre again cry out in pain and I felt the earth shake as his massive weight fell to the ground. Had the ogre been slain? I hoped so.

The three orcs and I were lost in the swirling mist and were isolated from the rest of the battle. I think they found that situation more discomforting than I did because they should have easily overcome my meagre defenses. Still, I counted myself lucky that I held out as long as I did because help was soon on the way.

The orc to my left cried out in pain as did the one to my right. They both turned their attentions away from me and toward whatever new threats they were faced with. Three orcs I could not face alone, but now I was facing only one of the foul beasts and I dropped my defenses in preparation for an attack. The orc to my left cried out again as a blue flash of lightning surged through his body. His skin began to sizzle as he cooked in his armor. He was now weak, but he was not out of the fight. I could only assume my dear friend Hitch had employed one of his many magical trinkets on the orc. I summoned a swarm of insects to finish the orc off.

Once again I heard Roshann cry out in pain. Seeing I was distracted by the cry, the orc in front of me scored a wound. I was now badly wounded, but felt that I still had hope. The orc to my left was not moving, as if he had been paralyzed. The orc to my right had disappeared in the mist. Only the orc in front of me was a threat so I took the opportunity to simply step away from my attacker, which caught him off guard. He was more thoroughly surprised when a swarm of insects began devouring his body.

I could see over my shoulder that I was escaping the mist. If the way were clear of orcs, I determined I would escape from this melee and head for the trees where I could perhaps assess what had transpired while I was in the mist. However, to my right I head Karg bellow a challenge to an unknown foe. Because Karg had been fighting orcs behind me, I concluded that the way was clear behind me and so I simply retreated from the obscuring mist, leaving my foe to the swarming insects.

Now that I could survey the battlefield I realized the fight was over. Both Roshann and Hitch were gravely wounded, but Calvin was administering healing to them. They were awake, but very weak. Two orcs had fled the battle and several of us pursued them on horseback. We chased them into a stone circle where one of them, a shaman, perhaps, offered terms to us. "Give me the spear," he said, "and I will trouble you no more." Enraged by this orc's smug demeanor, I called down another bolt of lightning from the sky which slew the shaman and left the other badly burned.

Later, the others told me their versions of what had happened during the fight. Apparently the orcs were tracking as we fled from the tomb, but Calvin suggested they may have also been drawn to the power of the spear. When asked about the health of the girl, Lei laughed and told me that the girl was actually the disguise of a monster which beset him in the woods. He did not explain how he and the monster found themselves alone in the woods during the battle, and I did not press the matter.

Once again we are healing our wounds and preparing to journey to Hap or Ordulin. May Istishia guide us to our homes in good health.


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11 Apr 2009
4th of Nightal 1374 DR

Roshann - Fighter
Burney - Druid
Li Jen - Monk
Lazel - Archer
Marcus - Ranger
Calvin - Cleric
Hitch - Mage
Karg - Fighter

An Excerpt from the Journal of Burney Gurgle By Bill

Journal Entry 2

After our battle with the orcs, my companions decided we should travel to Hillsfar, which is a city on the southern coast of the Moonsea. From there we will hire a ship to take us home. We were perhaps two or three days from Hillsfar, so we settled in for a long, boring journey. The weather was cold and each day brought a new threat of snow.

A day's ride from Hillsfar we met soldiers near a road-side shrine to Tempest, the Goddess of Battle. The shrine occupied a large clearing with many piles of rune stones scattered throughout. Later we would learn a war had taken place between the Red Plumes and the servants of Zhentil Keep at this place.

The soldiers were wearing the uniform of Hillsfar, although we did not know that at first. They had large, red plumes protruding from the back of their helmets. We later learned this distinguishing adornment gives them their name, "the Red Plumes." One Red Plume introduced himself to us as Lieutenant Liam and asked if we were traveling to Hillsfar. We said we were, and he gave us an overview of the laws of Hillsfar so that we would be prepared when we arrived. I didn’t listen too closely, but what I heard sounded dreadfully draconic. Karg, Hitch, and Lazel were not pleased by the xenophobic Hillsfarian laws.

To show that we were traveling in their lands in good faith, Calvin and Roshann sacrificed a master-crafted morningstar on the nearest pile of rune stones. Much to everyone’s surprise, skeletons erupted from the ground around the rune stone piles and attacked Calvin and Roshann as the rest of us stared in wonder. Had we offended Tempest with our sacrifice?

I charged the skeletons and destroyed one of them, but the rest fled from me. I concluded that Calvin had turned them from us, but I was incorrect. Skeletons had erupted from all the rune stone piles, and ran to a point in the middle of the old battlefield where they began to merge into a giant skeleton warrior. There are ant colonies, I've heard, that bind to one another to form a bridge or ladder by which the other ants may cross obstacles or scale great heights. Like the ants, the skeletons jointed together to form one, giant skeleton which stood twice as tall as the tallest man, if not taller. It was eerie how they clung to one another, hand to foot, arm to leg, and leg to arm, becoming rigid or flexible as needed. It was a horrifying, yet awesome sight to behold.

The Red Plumes formed a defensive position along the side of the road, or so I thought. As soon as they were in position, Lieutenant Liam ordered his men to mount their horses and head toward Hillsfar, leaving us to fight the giant skeleton.

We started to bring the giant skeleton down but more skeletons erupted from the rune stone piles. Like the others before them, they joined with the giant skeleton, thus increasing its size and durability. Still, we were relatively sure we could destroy the giant menace as it was not coordinated enough to strike a telling blow against anyone fighting it.

Suddenly, Lazel dashed in front of me and sprinted toward the forest to my right. I could not understand what he was saying as ran, but it soon became apparent that he spotted another enemy in the trees. Two swordsmen jumped out from behind cover to attack him. Seeing the rest of the party was engaged with the giant skeleton and were unable to help Lazel, I charged one of the swordsmen. Apparently they did not anticipate fighting anyone themselves, let alone two people, because one of them cried out, "Ivold, this is more than I can handle!" Further back into the trees I could see a man standing in an unholy symbol drawn on the forest floor. He was chanting and gesturing with his hands. I assumed he was controlling the monstrous skeleton in fighting my friends.

I could not decide what to do. Should I help Lazel with the two swordsmen or attack the man in the unholy symbol casing spells? I thought my best course of action was to help Lazel. As soon as I had made this decision, the man fighting Lazel froze in place, as if time had stopped moving. Seeing that his ally was unable to fight, the man I had engaged surrendered. I looked to the other man in time to see a dagger race across the front of his throat, ending his life. Lazel looked at me, blood dripping from his dagger, but I said nothing.

Once I was sure the man that had surrendered was in no immediate danger from Lazel, I turned to see if the giant skeleton had fallen, or if any of my friends needed healing. Only Calvin, Roshann, Karg, Lazel, and I remained near the shrine. Calvin told me they had destroyed the giant skeleton while Lazel and I fought the two swordsmen. He went on to say that Lei, Marcus, and Hitch had gone after the mysterious wizard in the woods. Lazel was sorely wounded from his fight with the swordsmen so I healed him as best I could.

We did not have to wait long for the others to return. They said the wizard had fled the scene after his giant skeleton was defeated. Although he was evasive, the others managed to catch up with him deeper into the woods. Amazingly, they let the wizard go after speaking with him. Hitch told me the wizard was unimportant in the grander scheme of things. I still do not understand why they did not capture him, but I must trust in the judgment of the others.

Although they returned empty-handed, they did not return without information. The wizard went by the name of Ivold Nakonof of Yulash, and he was a minor agent of Zhentil Keep. He told the others that he and his henchmen were sent to attack the Red Plumes at the shrine to Tempest because the Zhents were at war with the people of Hillsfar. He further said that the Hillsfarians were allying with the Red Wizards of Thay, who we believe are evil. The swordsman we had captured could not provide any new information, so we let him go.

Somewhat confused by what we had seen and heard, we resumed our journey to Hillsfar, but uncertainty reigned in my desire to reach our destination.

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25 Apr 2009
7th - 11th of Nightal 1374 DR

Roshann - Fighter
Burney - Druid
Li Jen - Monk
Lazel - Archer
Marcus - Ranger
Calvin - Cleric
Hitch - Mage
Karg - Fighter

An Excerpt from the Journal of Burney Gurgle By Bill

Journal Entry 3

We were perhaps a day's ride from Hillsfar when we were approached by a cloaked figure waiting for us along side the road. I prepared for an ambush.

The cloaked figure approached and greeted us pleasantly. She introduced herself as Varzek, and pulled pack her hood to reveal she was a Drow. May Istishia preserve us, I thought Lazel, Calvin, and perhaps Karg would lop her head off as she stood there. To my surprise they all remained calm except for Lazel, but Hitch grabbed the elf’s arm before the he could draw his blade and slay the Drow. Seeing that she was not in mortal danger, Varzek asked if we would be willing to help her and her companions explore near-by ruins which were suspected to be the Tower of Talerith. We declined and she slipped into the forest.

Lazel told us that Talerith was a elven wizard-lord from ancient times who specialized in creating magic that negated other forms of magic. We were faced with quite a conundrum. We did not want to fight the Drow, but we did not want them to acquire whatever treasures were left behind the ruined tower, either. I spoke with Wallace, a local badger, and a bit of a know-it-all, who told me the Drow had been trying to break into the ruins but without success. Thanking him, and providing some grubs I had collected the night before, I told the party what I had learned. As always they ridiculed me for speaking with animals, but they accepted the information Wallace had provided. It seems to me they are more concerned with the method than the results.

Once again the party surprised me because some of us wanted to ignore the Drow activities and head for Hillsfar. I could not believe my eyes and ears. First, we allow an evil wizard to flee back to Zhentil Keep, and now we were ignoring a group of wicked Drow who were obviously up to no good. Enough! I thought. In an impassioned speech I pleaded to them that we had to address the evil Drow in one way or another. They came around to my point-of-view and, as a group, decided the Drow threat had to be met. I think Lazel was smiling at the thought of spilling Drow blood, but I could not tell for sure, as his face was deeply hidden in the shadow cast by his hooded cloak.

We decided to rest for a few days so that our wounds could heal. We thought we should be in top condition before tackling the Drow. While we rested, Rossel, Hitch's pseudo-dragon companion, reconnoitered the area to find the ruined tower. Once he had found the tower, he returned to us and gave a detailed description. He said the tower was a square and made of gray stones. It was roughly 100-feet wide, had three stories, and a conical roof. A green hedge grew around the towers perimeter. The description he provided did not sound like an elven tower to me, but I could not imagine there would be another tower in the area.

I spoke with a wise, old owl named Conrad who verified the Drow had been trying to enter the square, gray tower. He confirmed what Wallace the badger had said, that the Drow had been unsuccessful each time they tried to enter the ruins. He also said there were eight Drow, more or less, as he never took the time to count them. He continued to say that two of them were wizards, although he never paid too much attention to the Drow. He thought they camped in a cave about a mile away from the tower.

In return for this information, Conrad asked me to speak with a troublesome squirrel named Rodney who had been chattering whenever Conrad was on the hunt, as a warning to the other forest animals. After speaking with Rodney, I assured Conrad that the squirrel would not warn off his prey if Conrad promised not to attack Rodney or any of Rodney's family. Conrad agreed to these terms. I must remember to look into this arrangement the next time I am in the area. I tried to tell the others about this arrangement, but they either laughed at me or ignored me, as usual. They care nothing for nature, not even Marcus, who spends most of his time rubbing down Argos .

Lei, Hitch, Lazel, and Marcus went off to scout the Drow position while the rest of us set up camp for the night. We decided we should be well rested before tackling the Drow. I enjoyed a good smoke and became lost in contemplation. Time passed quickly.

Our scouting party returned and seemed confused by what they had seen. While they discussed their adventure I prepared food for the others. We sat around the fire and enjoyed our meal. Suddenly, everything went dark. I could not see the fire in front of me, nor any of my companions. I thought I had gone blind, the darkness was so complete, but this is not the first time we have encountered Drow, and I quickly realized the Drow were attacking us. This was confirmed a moment later when Roshann cried out in anger from behind me.

I began walking backward, out of the darkness, or so I hoped. I have learned that the best policy when finding oneself surrounded by magical darkness is to move quickly but surely away from where you are. Once clear of the magical darkness my fears were confirmed. Roshann stood over a dead Drow, blood dripping from her magical blade.

I heard the sounds of combat coming from within the darkness, so I circled to the other side, hoping to find other members of the party. I could not find anyone on the other side. Where had they gone? Roshann cried out that Rossel was down. Once again I circled around the darkness to the spot where Roshann had slain the Drow. Not far from that point I saw Calvin healing Hitch and Rossel. Hitch looked paralyzed, and both were badly wounded. I tried my best to find a cure for Hitch’s paralysis, but failed. Lazel was able to find an antidote.

I began looking for the others. There were two dead Drow near-by, and apparently two more had run off during the battle. Marcus and Lei had followed the fleeing Drow, and were just now returning with a badly wounded prisoner. I assumed the other Drow must have been slain in the forest.

Fearing another attack from the Drow, we moved camp to reassesses our options. It was decided that Lei, Lazel, and Hitch would disguise themselves as Drow and make their way to the Drow cave, hoping their disguises would allow them to close with the enemy. The rest of us would follow behind far enough away so that we would not alert the Drow to the trap. I asked Conrad to follow our disguised friends and return to me when combat began. He agreed to help. Nobody thanked me or Conrad.

As we neared the Drow cave, Conrad flew to me and said the fight had begun. Karg and Roshann had been leading Argos toward the cave because Marcus was trailing behind our three companions. Because we were running toward the cave, we caught up to him quickly and returned Argos over to his care. He mounted his mighty steed and charged into battle. The rest of us followed as quickly as we could.

What happened next is a blur in my mind. The Drow are so sneaky and sly that I often find myself running after shadows instead of the real enemy. I charged through the underbrush surrounding the cave when I heard combat. I attacked a Drow fighting Lei, but he was too evasive for my clumsy attack. I heard Roshann scream behind me but I could not turn to aid her lest the Drow strike me. Calvin and Karg charged the Drow as well. Although he was outnumbered, the Drow asked for our surrender. We all laughed, but he used that opportunity, that moment of distraction, to stab me in the side.

Once the Drow was slain, I scoured the battlefield for any wounded or dying companions. I heard that another Drow sentry had fallen, as well. I found Hitch lying on the ground wounded, so I grabbed a healing potion from his pack and forced it down his throat.

To everyone’s astonishment, the two slain Drow arose from death and began attacking the party. Calvin said the Drow in the cave was reanimating the fallen Drow. Such vile magic! Truly these were evil creatures.

Marcus and Argos slew another Drow who had appeared behind us, bow in hand. Calvin cast a spiritual hammer spell to fight off the undead Drow, and then turned them. Calvin cut them down as they fled. Finished with Hitch, I looked for others in need of aid. Karg was magically held, and there was nothing I could do for him. Lazel reappeared out of nowhere and ran into the cave. Later I found out that he had been on top of the hill where the cave was located, using his bow to shoot the Drow from behind.

Roshann rushed off to the north in pursuit of something. She called out that she had seen a Drow flee from the cave. I saw that she had a nasty looking wound in her shapely calf. She did not make it far before falling face forward onto the ground. I ran to her aid, but she was not wounded, or worse, she was held like Karg had been.

Everyone began to fan out from the cave looking for some sign of the fleeing Drow. Lazel came out of the cave and said it was clear of enemies. Some of the party pursued the fleeing Drow, others stayed behind to care for the wounded. When the pursuers returned they informed the rest of us that they had caught and slain the fleeing Drow. It was the female we had met on the road. Lazel thought she was likely to be the ringleader of the group we had slain.

The Drow had several magical trinkets that the party was happy to confiscate. Hitch identified all the magical items and the party allocated them to those most likely to benefit from their power. I only kept the holy symbol the female wore. One never knows when it might come in handy.

After we had caught our wind and collected our thoughts, Hitch told us the Drow which attacked our camp earlier that evening had attempted to carry him off. We concluded that the Drow thought they needed an elf to gain entry to the ruined tower. None of us have a strong desire to enter the tower ourselves, but if there is something in there the Drow want, then perhaps it would be better for us to remove that object, rather than let it fall into Drow hands.
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19 Aug 2009

Roshann - Fighter
Burney - Druid
Li Jen - Monk
Lazel - Archer
Marcus - Ranger
Calvin - Cleric
Hitch - Mage
Karg - Fighter

An Excerpt from the Journal of Burney Gurgle By Bill

Journal Entry 4

Where to begin? It has been so long since I've been able to sit down and write in my journal… The last few weeks have been hectic and dangerous. I'll pick up where I left off. After leaving the Hillsfar region we traveled east to a small town called Elmwood, which is a port on the southern edge of the Moonsea. The town is almost entirely populated by Gnomes and Halflings. It was very strange to be a minority for once. It was a very happy place amidst the war going on all around them. It was a little oasis of joy, but, we were there to find a southbound ship, so we did not enjoy the town as thoroughly as we should have. There was also some fear among the party that Roshann would once again become drunk and fall to the mercy of some unscrupulous Gnome if we tarried in town too long.

We found a ship called the Basalt Runner who's captain, Guisard, was heading south. He traded in tea and amber from Sembia, which is a land very far to the south. Lei seemed to think they may have been smuggling something, but we thought it was best not to ask. At least they weren't slave traders or gypsies.

Off we went on our voyage. As always, I paid proper respect to Istishia before our journey. Like clockwork though, danger was lurking atop the next crest of the wave. A Zhentrim galley was spotted in the distance. The captain thought he could outrun the ship, but of course we were determined to attack it. A sailor climbed up the to the crow's nest for a closer look. Using his spyglass, he informed us there were humans, bugbears, and ogres aboard, and that it was likely to be a slave ship of the Zhentrim. After hearing this, Lei was determined to free the captives and set fire to the ship. Slavery is an interesting subject. Some are opposed to it, others profit in it, and others are subjected to it. I find it is best not to speak of it. We had to promise the captain all the profit from this venture, minus the slaves who would be freed before he would agree to let us engage it. He was not easily swayed, and I think Hitch was impressed with his bartering.

In the cover of night we slipped next to the galley. Lei, Macus, and Hitch slipped up the side of the slave ship and went out of sight. From this point on I can only provide information about what I saw, but I have tried to fill in the blanks after speaking with the rest of the group. Lei, Marcus, and Hitch climbed over the ship's rail and slew the ogre at the wheel. From there they moved across the deck, slaying bugbears as quickly as they appeared. Hitch must have created an obscuring mist on the deck of the ship because all sight of them was quickly blotted out. I could hear the sounds of combat despite the rolling, churning sounds of the sea. Apparently our scouts cleared the deck of the bugbears, but the human archers were finding their marks.

I eventually climbed aboard the slave ship, following Karg, Roshann, and the others. They were using silenced stones, so a supernatural stillness enveloped me, preventing me from casting spells. There wasn't much I could do besides watch the combat and lend aid where I could. Hitch was near the back of the boat as well. I began walking toward him when a man appeared out of nowhere and blasted Hitch with a corrosive acid. Just as suddenly though, Lazel slew the man and we both rushed over to check on Hitch. We managed to arrest of the acid and kept Hitch alive.

During the battle some of the bugbears had been thrown overboard. Many of them were now climbing back on board. We prevented that from happening. The only exception was a bugbear shaman who we brought on board with the intention of questioning him, but Lazel ended his life before we learned anything from him.

We then went to check on the status of the slaves, but found there were guards in the hull. The guards said they would kill the slaves unless they were allowed to go free and unharmed. We quickly smashed open the hatch to the slave hold and Karg jumped though it. He must have looked quite fearsome because the guards immediately surrendered. Karg cut them down anyway.

There were 60 slaves in the hold and by a strange twist of fate, Roshann knew one of them from her own gypsy band. They went to a far off to a secluded area of the ship and spoke privately.

In the captain's cabin we found a few items of interest to Hitch, and a seaman's chest. The chest was trapped but Lazel, Hitch, and Lei disarmed it. Inside were gold and some magical trinkets. We determined that the man who threw acid on Hitch must have been a wizard and was probably the captain of the slave ship, as well.

After freeing the slaves from their shackles and disarming the trapped captain's chest we discussed what we should do with the slaves. Amidst this discussion Roshann and her gypsy companion returned. Roshann informed us that her sister was a slave of a terrible wizard slave-trader by the name of Ivold living in Yulash. As it turned out, this is the same Ivold we had encountered outside of the Hillfar. I would have laughed but I was too bludgeoned by the irony of the situation. The one enemy we let go turned out to be the slave-lord of Yulash!

We had a long discussion about what to do next. We still had the orc spear we need to return to Ordulin, but we also had to free Roshann's sister. Roshann read her tarot cards and determined we should go to Ordulin because her sister would be safe from harm until she became a mature woman. This decision did not sit well with me because I would have broken down the gates of hell to free a relative of my own, but Roshann did not think it was necessary, so I tried to remain quiet on the matter. I do not regret the few bitter comments I directed toward her in the following days.

We traveled to Ordulin and set the slaves free. I later learned Roshann had used her own money to provide a new start for them. Many of the slaves were from her own gypsy band. Hitch did his best to intimidate them into silence over the generous handout Roshann had given them, but of course it did not take long for the rumor to spread that ignorant gypsies with gold in their pocket and no sense in their head were frolicking throughout the town. Unfortunately the gypsies also made it clear who had set them free, and even worse, in the opinion of Hitch, who had give them money.

While the others spent time in town, I went to the sewer grate and spoke with the water elemental residing there. He was doing well and seemed to enjoy cleaning the sewage flowing from Ordulin.
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20 Aug 2009

Roshann - Fighter
Burney - Druid
Li Jen - Monk
Lazel - Archer
Marcus - Ranger
Calvin - Cleric
Hitch - Mage
Karg - Fighter

An Excerpt from the Journal of Burney Gurgle By Bill

Journal Entry 5

We spent only a short time in Ordulin, which was fine with me. Calvin and the others turned the orc spear over to whomever they were working with. I never fully understood why the spear had to be returned to Ordulin. But I digress. I never feel comfortable in cities, so I don't know what the others did. I remained outside the city walls for several days. I attempted to make contact with other druids in the area, but found none of them.

We found a ship to carry us back to the Moonsea. The captain wanted an extra fee for dropping us off in someplace other than Zhentil Keep or Hillsfar, which were his destinations. He was not going to stop at Yulash, which was our destination. We chose to debark at Elmwood, that pleasant Gnome and Halfling village I mentioned earlier. We spent the night in Elmwood and then traveled to Yulash, circumventing Hillsfar.

After several uneventful days on the road we spotted Yulash high atop a plateau along the Moonsea coast. Only a keep was visible from a distance, but as we approached we began to see there were several ramshackle buildings built around the keep. We were later told that Yulash was destroyed by the forces of Zhentil Keep not long ago, and all that escaped total destruction was the old keep atop the plateau.

Once inside Yulash we found an inn, the "Six-Armed Octopus," which we could use as our base of operations. Yulash is primarily a slave-trading town, so I was surprised to see a good number of dwarves at the inn. There were also quite a few half-orcs. It was an unusual mix of patrons, to be sure.

Lei went into the crowd and dug for the latest gossip and information that would be useful for us. He discovered the plateau was honeycombed with tunnels and caverns, many of which are occupied. It was rumored many of the catacombs were filled with treasure. I was surprised that Hitch made no fuss over this, but I assumed he was fuming over the loss of the profits from the slave ship. Apparently he had learned that an 11-year old girl could fetch up to 1,000 gold pieces on the slave market. I could see the calculations running through his mind as he thought of how much money he lost freeing the slaves from the captured galley.

Lei also found out that Ivold had a home within the keep, and that we could gain entrance to the keep via the catacombs. We assumed Roshann's sister was likely kept in Ivold's home. I spoke with some rats who pointed me to an entrance to the catacombs beneath Yulash, but the party decided to pay some questionable looking men for the same directions. Lei suspected they were spies from Hillsfar.

Since Hitch had spoken with Ivold in the woods outside of Hillsfar, he volunteered to speak with him, taking Karg with him as a bodyguard. He hoped to buy the girl from Ivold, if possible. The rest of us remained at the inn after they left to make sure Roshann stayed sober. Marcus and I went into the woods to make camp. Marcus never stopped talking to Argos. It was very annoying and more than a little disturbing since he could not actually speak with Argos. I would like to tell Marcus that I can speak with Argos, but I'm afraid that might turn messy, so I remained quiet and let him babble on.

A few hours later Hitch came to Marcus and I, asking that we follow him back to the inn. We did so. At the inn, Hitch said he had tried to buy Roshann's sister from Ivold, but the man would not do it because the girl had, in his opinion, the power of prophecy. At this time we had no choice but to free Roshann's sister. Some of the party wanted to free all the slaves in Ivold's compound, too. Hitch said he thought there were around 90 to 100 people there, but not all of them were slaves, although a good many might be.

We devised a plan to rush through Ivold's compound and take Roshann's sister from Ivold. It's amazing how long we planned, but came up with smashing our way into Ivold's home. That should have been the first option, and probably the wrong option, as well. We toyed with the idea of using Rastle, Hitch's pseudo-dragon familiar, to carry the bag of holding into the home, having Roshann's sister climb into the bag, and then Rastle would fly her out to safety. A brilliant plan, I thought, but the others felt there was an ethical problem with climbing into the bag. The same group of people, I might add, that regularly slaughter surrendered enemies. I'm not judging their actions, just pointing out the inconsistencies in their behavior. The beautiful thing about nature is that there are not inconsistencies in character.

Through various means we all managed to find our way to the rear of Ivold's compound. There was a tall wall surrounding his home and slave quarters. Guards with dogs patrolled the compound. When darkness fell, I cast a spell of stone shaping to make a hole in the wall. We all slipped through the hole and hid behind some of the slave buildings until we understood the movement of the guards. Our plan was to have Hitch, Lei, Roshann, Calvin, Lazel, and myself move into the house under cover of invisibility and find Roshann's sister. Karg, Marcus, and Zoltan, the gypsy we had rescued from the slave ship, were tp slay guards who would no doubt come to the house if trouble started.

Lei said he would remain visible so that we could follow him and not get too confused about where we were going. Some of the party members must have been using a silenced stones again, because at times I could hear nothing, and other times I heard only the noises of the house. There is nothing quite as surreal as seeing nothing and hearing nothing even though you know people are moving all around you, and bumping into you.

We went through few rooms before coming to a hallway. To my right were stairs leading up, and to my left was the front door. A guard stood by the door, but he was not paying attention to us. To my surprise, Lie charged the guard. I followed behind. Because I was invisible, I did not strike at the guard, thinking Lei would easily dispose of his enemy. The guard must have been an excellent swordsman, because Lei was struggling to defeat him. On the other hand, the guard could not strike, Lei, so a stalemate was reached. I had faith that Lei would prevail, so did not interfere.

More guards came into the hallway from a doorway by the stairs. I did not want Lei to become overwhelmed, so when the last one passed by I clubbed him on the head with my staff. They were surprised by the attack, but, like the first guard, they were skilled warriors and I could not manage to hold them off. The maneuvered around me and worked with precision and unity. I prayed the Lei would defeat his opponent soon and rush to my aid. Thankfully I was able to cast a protective spell on myself, which helped, but the guards where getting the better of me. I must admit, at this point I began to panic.

To my surprise, the three guards I was fending off dropped to the ground, fast asleep. Hitch stood at the bottom of the stairs, looking rather harshly at myself and Lei. However, in the middle of that unspoken exchange we were both stunned by the sight and sound of Marcus, mounted on Argos, crashing through the narrow hallway of the house. How did he get Argos in the house? I still don't know. Marcus and Argos rushed up the stairs with purpose and I stood in the hallway, beguiled by the sight.

Hitch ran up the stairs after Marcus and Argos, and having nothing else to do, I followed. At the top of the stairs we were attacked by four undead warriors. Where had Marcus and Argos gone? The undead warriors were fearful and terrible. I summoned an ant swarm to fend them off, but they walked right through it and plunged their wicked blades into me. I retreated as quickly as I could, hoping Hitch would survive, but I could not help him. Hitch was surrounded by the undead, but the rest of the party arrived and destroyed them. Calvin said they were wights, a powerful type of undead. I agreed.

We rushed back downstairs. Roshann's sister was riding Argos and Marcus lead the horse by its reigns. By the rear entrance we cornered Ivold and his lackey. We defeated them in short order and quickly pillaged the house. Taking all that looked magical, we ran through the back door and out through the hole in the wall, like a pack of common thugs.

Later we learned that Zoltan had freed the rest of the slaves, many of who were from Roshann's gypsy band. We found a hiding place in the catacombs big enough of ourselves and all the freed gypsy slaves. We did our best to heal ourselves, and then left town the next morning. We traveled through the wilderness for a few days to make sure we would not encounter any vengeful patrols from Yulash. Safe at last, we rested until healthy again.

I am not proud of myself or anyone else after this adventure. I think we should have explored more options before resorting to what we did. Also, I'm certain Istishia was with me that day, because the undead should have slain me where I stood. Only the blessing of Istishia prevented me from becoming one of them. I would like to return to Yulash someday. I am keenly interested in the catacombs. What strange animals live beneath the destroyed city? What minerals are to be found? Perhaps I can persuade Hitch to return some day, he in search of treasure, and I in search of knowledge. Someday.
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25 Sep 2009

Roshann - Fighter
Burney - Druid
Li Jen - Monk
Lazel - Archer
Marcus - Ranger
Calvin - Cleric
Hitch - Mage
Karg - Fighter

An Excerpt from the Journal of Burney Gurgle By Bill
Journal Entry 6 - Tommy Stumphopper and the Wizard's Mound

I have been critical of the others lately, and I think it was deserved. However, I am not without my own failings, and one in particular, my inconvenient memory lapses, once again has left me unable to fully explain my most recent adventure.

I vaguely recall walking through a wooded area with the rest of the party. Soft, wet snow covered the ground, and a cold, damp breeze blew through the leafless trees which stood silent in the fading light. I was largely unbothered by the conditions, but the rest of the party struggled, except for Karg who seemed largely unaffected by the weather. Calvin clenched his teeth tightly against the cold as he plodded onward wearing his metal armor. Such foolishness will be the end of him sooner than later, I suspect.

I also vaguely recall meeting a somewhat agitated yet friendly Brownie by the name of Tommy Stumphopper. I've been acquainted to Brownies in the past, although that was before I became a proper Druid. Brownies have the most wonderful pipe weed and are willing to share it with anyone who behaves pleasantly toward them. Despite Tommy's agitation, he gladly shared his pipe weed with me. It was quite enjoyable, but not the best I've had. That distinction goes to the esteemed Jimmy Appleplucker, whom I have not seen in ages. Although Brownies are very friendly, they do seem to have rather unimaginative but descriptive last names.

Tommy claimed that rangers were trying to capture him. These rangers were the henchmen of an evil wizard who had recently moved into the area. Tommy said the rangers were over-hunting the area, and taking their captured pretty back to a large earthen mound the wizard had excavated for his lair. Tommy said they were killing more animals than a few rangers and a wizard would ever be able to eat.

I remember telling Tommy that we would investigate the situation for him and setting a trap for some of the rangers. We captured and questioned two of them, and I remember the others arguing about letting one go and killing the other. I believe one of the rangers was killed and one was let go, so I can only assume that was the plan and not an accident.

I also remember walking through the woods toward the mound while Hitch and Lei debated our next course of action. They talked and talked and talked until I could no longer follow their conversation and began to think about the pipe weed I had smoked with Tommy. At one point we were in a copse of scrub trees near the front entrance of the mound. Lazel fired his bow at an unseen enemy and then we ran to the north, toward the sacred grove we had freed from the servants of Malal a few days ago.

The senior Druids had left the grove after completing their work and it looked as if it had never been defiled. How I wish I could join them on their tasks and learn from them, but I must travel the trail in front of me. Perhaps in the future it will branch off in a compelling direction.

We made camp for a while, and the others discussed how best to attack the wizard. At dawn we broke camp and headed back toward the wizard's mound, and hid in the copse of trees near the front entrance. There were two doors on the east facing of the mound. One was a tall, wooden double door which resembled a barn door, and the other was a man-sized door that looked very stout.

Lazel, Lei, and Hitch snuck across the open ground between the trees and the front entrance and entered the two large doors. I could see horse hoof prints in the soft dirt in front of the door from where I hid in the trees, so I assumed it was indeed a stable. Marcus confirmed by estimation.

The rangers must have been out hunting because we heard no sounds of combat from where the three had entered, and then Lazel waved me forward. I entered the "barn" to see if I could cast a stone shaping spell to gain access to the wizard's lair, but I had no way of knowing how long it would take for me to create a magical tunnel. We decided to break through the smaller door, hoping to take the mound's inhabitants by surprise. However, the others had moved up to the barn by that time and another lengthy discussion about what to do took place.

After yet another lengthy debate we left the barn and ascended to the top of the mound where we hoped to find a natural or artificial chimney to climb down. We suspected something would be available for this use because we had spotted strange winged creatures flying out of the mound that last time we had passed by the mound's entrance.

A quick search of the scrub growth on top of the mound revealed a large hole that was wide enough for two people to climb down at the same time. Karg, Roshann, and the other warriors climbed down a rope we had extended to the bottom of the hole. We immediately heard the sounds of combat. I stood on top of the mound with Lazel and Hitch, who were both invisible, and with Lei who was not. Seemingly safe, I was not prepared to fend off three winged creatures that erupted through the opening and attacked Lei and myself. These were the same creatures we had seen the last time we passed by the mound. Eventually we defeated the demon-like creatures and descended into the mound to meet with the others. I was badly wounded, but pressed onward.

I have to admit that at this point everything becomes blurred. I climbed down the rope into the stinking, dark, room where the demon creatures had lived. There was only one exit from the room other than the chimney, so we made our way along a dark, narrow tunnel which was carved from the earth. I'm not sure what kept those earthen walls from falling down upon us, but I assumed magic was involved. A short time after entering the narrow passage we came to a door. As soon as we opened it we learned the rangers had not been out hunting, but in fact were organizing their defense while we struggled with the winged demons. The warriors to the front were attacked by a troll and strange, supernatural dogs appeared from nowhere to attack those of us behind the warriors. Once again I was badly wounded, but I managed to cast a barkskin spell on myself, which prevented the dogs from wounding me again.

The troll and phase dogs, or blink dogs as others called them, were defeated, and many of the warriors and Calvin charged down that hall leaving Hitch, Lazel, Lei, and myself behind. Where the others ran to the right, Lei ran to the left, into what we later learned to be the troll's lair. I thought the demon creature's den was disgusting until I entered the troll's lair. Before I could begin to explore my surroundings, Lei charged past me, back from the way he had gone, and headed down the hallway where the warriors went. I followed, fearing another enemy was close on Lei's heels.

Apparently the warriors engaged the rangers, who had tried to set up a trap in a hallway, and easily defeated them. By the time I caught up with them they were preparing to break through a door at the end of a long hallway. I asked them to wait before charging in since we did not have an idea about what could be behind the door. I summoned a loyal water elemental with the blessings of Istishia and sent it into the room beneath the crack between the bottom of the door and the earthen floor. A terrible, unholy roar that sounded like a cacophony of demons came forth, and we heard the sounds of combat. The warriors then charged through the door to find a strange cat-like creature with two tentacles growing from it's back engaged in combat with the water elemental. Calvin cried out, "Displacer Beast!" and charged forward. Calvin's encyclopedic knowledge of all things magical astonishes me sometimes. The Displacer Beast was a strange creature. I could never truly tell exactly where the creature was, and I could see the others struggled with that as well. Eventually the Displacer Beast was slain, and we found stairs leading down, deeper into the earth.

I sent the water elemental down the stairs and asked it to wait once it reached the bottom. Along the way is set off a pit trap which would have sent somebody plunging to their death atop a score of sharp, iron spikes. The water elemental had no trouble navigating this trap though, and we put a table across the top of the pit so we could cross it safely.

I can't recall who went down the stairs first, but I do recall the warriors charging down the steps as quickly as they could, followed by the rest of us. I was one of the last to go down the steps, and when I arrived I saw several of the warriors fighting a gigantic demon near the foot of the stairs. There were several smaller demons trapped in summoning circles throughout the room. Tommy Stumphopper and a neriad were similarly trapped. I later learned the neriad was Tommy's friend, Sweetwater.

As the warriors struggled with the demon, the others raced across the room to engage the wizard and the ranger captain who were waiting for us. I felt uneasy about facing a wizard in his lair, but to my surprise, Hitch, Lazel, and Lei made quick work of him. The warriors brought down the demon as well, but Roshann had taken a beating. The ranger captain, knowing things looked bad for himself, turned into a gaseous form and escaped through the cracks in the earthen walls. We broke Tommy and Sweetwater from their sorcerous cages and looted the wizard's lair. Tommy was overjoyed that we had come back to help his as we promised. In a well in the wizard's lair we found a grotesque frog like monstrosity which we destroyed with fire. Apparently this creature was easting nearly all of the game the rangers had captured.

Once the immediate threats were dealt with, we settled down to heal ourselves and rest after such a long, difficult battle. Roshann and I were badly wounded. Some of the others had received much less severe wounds, but required rest after so fully exerting themselves. While resting I completed this journal entry. I must talk to the party about lying to Brownies. Apparently they told him a white lie while I was preoccupied, which made him think we were not going to help him. They did this, they say, because they feared Tommy would get caught and then spill the beans, so to speak, about our plans to unearth, so to speak, the wizard. Their intentions were good, but the stress they caused poor Tommy was hardly warranted.

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Nov 2009

Roshann - Fighter
Burney - Druid
Li Jen - Monk
Lazel - Archer
Marcus - Ranger
Calvin - Cleric
Hitch - Mage
Karg - Fighter

An Excerpt from the Journal of Burney Gurgle By Bill
Journal Entry 7

We grabbed some horses and headed south.

We came across an ox-drawn cart driven by a few humans. Hitch and Roshann rode forward to speak with them. The humans said they were returning to Hap.

Somehow, the party decided that one of the humans, Sam, was a doppelganger, but the rest of them were who they appeared to be.

We continued to travel with the humans and doppelganger on the way to Hap.

On the second night after meeting the humans we decided to confront Sam about the contents of a secret compartment in the cart. The secret compartment contained jars full of a murky liquid. Sam said he smuggling liquor, "O de Campagne," which he claimed was very exotic. Hitch grabbed a bottle of the supposed liquor and threatened to open it. Sam immediately covered his mouth.

Upon further questioning, Sam admitted that he wasn't human, but was in fact a doppelganger who had taken Sam's place.

Somehow "Sam" slipped away from Karg, who was guarding him, and ran off into the forest. Karg, Marcus, Lei, and Roshann retrieved him, and he was badly beaten for his escape attempt.

I determined the jars were carrying a poison, but could not identify what the poison would do.

Roshann read her tarot cards and told us they said something about "Revenge against us, six beings against us, Council of Wrath." I've seen tarot cards before, and I have no idea how she came up with the phrase, "Council of Wrath."

We questioned "Sam" about Roshann's information. He said that he was part of the Council of Wrath and he was hired to kill us. He further said he was hired by a Zhentrim wizard riding a huge manticore. We suspected this was Istvan, and "Sam" confirmed this.

We executed the doppelganger and burned his remains.

Lazel disguised himself as "Sam" and rode into Hap on the cart with the rest of the guards. We believed the guards were innocent of any wrong-doing and did not know Sam had been replaced by the doppelganger.

We also made jars of fake poison and replaced the real ones in the false bottom of the cart.

The cart and its contents were driven to Bertrand. I have no idea who that is, but I assume it was "Sam's" contact in Hap.

Hap had changed since we were last in town.

We took up strategic positions around the local inn, where the cart was scheduled to arrive upon it's return.

We waited for a long time, but nothing happened.

Eventually Lei came out of the Inn and told us Lazel was visited by a phase spider in a room he had obtained in the inn. The phase spider left after determining that "Sam" was not "Sam." Calvin believed the phase spider was one of the Council of Wrath.

Calvin questioned some of the gypsies that have been camping in Hap since we freed them from slavery. They have been living in a temporary camp nicknamed "Gypsytucky." Calvin said he learned that an elf had been seen speaking with a large human with black hair and very white teeth. The elf had been seen in the Inn at the time the phase spider appeared.

Somehow we became entangled in a fight with the phase spider and we severely wounded it. It fled into the woods and we followed it as best we could. We found empty potion bottles and elf tracks paralleling the phase spider tracks. Apparently the elf we saw at the inn and the phase spider were partners, and possibly part of the Council of Wrath.

It was night but we felt that we should pursue our opponents before they had a chance to regroup. Calvin and Roshann rushed back to don their armor and gather their weapons. The rest of us went on without them.

We confronted a girl in the woods who taunted us and claimed to be a member of the Council of Wrath. While distracted by her, we were ambushed by a pirate fitting the description of the man seen by the gypsies, and a mage who had crept behind us while invisible. The Council was supported by some archers, as well. A battle ensued, but to spare myself from writer's cramp, I'll just say that it went better for us than it did for the Council of Wrath, but we did not come out of the melee unscathed.

The wizard and the phase spider fled the battle and we tracked them down. I was able to use lightning summoned from the skies to strike them down.

Calvin and Roshann eventually caught up with us and we told them what had happened.

We found a document on one of the council members that said they were to kill everyone but the elf, the monk, and the man on the horse. The elf must be reference to Hitch, the monk must be Lei, and the man on the horse must be Marcus and Argos.

Apparently Istvan was angry that we betrayed him by not acting as his agents. Somehow we also learned there is a bounty on Roshann and her sword. The vampires in Ordulin are responsible for that.

One council member escaped us, and he is rumored to be the worst of the bunch. He is a human by the name of Terquad: a master of disguise and psychopath.

Roshann's sister predicted somebody will turn on us in the future.

Marcus set up a brothel in Hap.

We then went to Ordulin to resupply. We had run out of potions and scrolls and need to restock. We also had many magic items to trade or sell.

It turned out that the wererats in town were stirring up trouble again, and apparently they were led by a new boss.

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22 Dec 2009

Roshann - Fighter
Burney - Druid
Li Jen - Monk
Lazel - Archer
Marcus - Ranger
Calvin - Cleric
Hitch - Mage
Karg - Fighter

PAGE 232 and 233 MEMOIR OF AN ASSASSIN - Lazel

Our party of stalwart adventurers whilst bravely fleeing the hellstorm brewing in the city of Ordulin, journeyed south (did I mention at a rapid pace) using a road less traveled and along the way happened across a quaint Inn with a distinctively "mousy" motif. Given what had just happened in Ordulin we were a bit well paranoid to say the least.. Having only recently and perhaps luckily surviving what started as a well orchestrated attack under the cover of darkness whilst we blissfully slept at our favorite Inn by the Hairless Tails (a were rat faction whom we have crossed blades with twice before in the past, and who seem to be fighting with the Bloodthorns thieves guild for control of the less savory transactions in the city ). Where even though taken completely by surprise we turned the tide and made quite a good showing for ourselves killing 8 of the Lycanthropes and 3 times as many normal rats that swarmed the place though this was mostly Lei's doing as they mainly swarmed him. In fact so fierce was our counter strike that only one seemed to escape. After a brief head count those of us still combat worthy decided to end this once and for all and quickly tracked the wounded escapee to his hidden sewer entrance which quickly led to more, caution be damned we entered and Lei and Myself made silent short work of two look outs posted further in, blocking the rout to there nest judging by the blood trail we still were following. (I will admit that I am gaining a grudging respect for this little footpad he is quite effective when need be, it is too bad he does seem to want to apply himself as I have and will probably always just be a thief albeit a high quality one if he lives long enough. Though in truth this might be for the best as I would hate competing with him for contracts and his lesser street skills do have there uses as you will see. ) This tunnel eventually opened into a room garrisoned by a handful and a half of stouter looking Ratmen warriors and our bleeding quarry who seemed to be explaining just what had happened to the others. We hit them with such speed and fury that no alarm could be raised or in fact did they even get the opportunity to beg for there lives or proclaim there innocence (in general one of the high points of doing my Job when I decide for fun to let them know I am going to kill them) not that it would have done any good anyway as Calvin (the holy heh I would mock him more but in hindsight he saved our lives twice in short order here so he deserves a bit of restraint on my part, though I still disagree with him on most principles) our priest had called upon his god to mask the sounds of battle before he waded in with his sledgehammer braining two of the rats in the fray. His faith or the potency of this spell masked all sound in the room, our sword blows (nor theres for that matter) made not a whisper as they cleaved flesh and bone or bounced off steel, and it was strange (and somewhat exhilarating I admit) to see there faces twisted with curses and death rattles, and watch there muzzles moving and yet hear nothing. And honestly I laughed to myself which is unusual when I saw Rashan our berserker literally dance by, blade flashing and spinning, mouthing a war cry no one could here, though from my training I could tell she was theorizing about the promiscuity of there mothers and how there shoddy swordsmanship equated to there own short comings in bed in the colorful language usually reserved for aged veterans of the frontier wars or ship captains motivating there crew. All told she alone put down more than half of them and looked good the whole while. (Have I mentioned she is easy on the eyes.. it is almost a shame really that she is Human and will only last a season in the greater scheme ) I should add the battle though quick was not all one sided our way, Markus our ranger had a tough time holding his own and probably would not have lasted the battle had not Hitch, Lei and myself stepped forward pulling up the slack and finishing off the remainder of them. He had not said anything, nor will he I am sure. But it was easy for me to recognize(though I doubt anyone else noticed) from his clouded eyes, and the slight tremors in his sword arm and legs the tell tale signs of a reflex poison. I am sure of the same type that put Karge and Burney out of action and had them helplessly convulsing and retching back in the semi safety of our new inn under the care of a Leech . I also expect to find when I get the time to examine them that the blades from the initial attack were coated with the stuff as these member took the brunt of the first wave though at this time I can only speculate as too the exact type. Needless to say he too should not have been here but he knew we needed a tracker or all was lost so he made the sacrifice (a useful trait to me perhaps something I may need to exploit in the future to assure my own safety) But I digress we finished the work at hand in a most effective manner. I admit I actually thought we were done, as though we had heard vague rumors that the Tails had gotten new leadership this last group of fellows we put down seemed a lot tougher than any we encountered before and quite easily fit the bill as outside organization. That's when Hitch noticed the secret door. I have spoken of Hitch before in these writtings (see My service to the mistress of pain) and he is still as much of an enigma. Not quite elf and not human its hard to guess where his loyalties lie.. though off hand I would say with Hitch (heh) He is well studied in arcane lore and a fair hand magician but also follows the trade (though more closely to Lei's version than mine much to my chagrin.) As I said he was the first to notice the door.... though there seemed to be a bit of hesitation on his part to announce it as the silence spell has since dissipated .. for he was standing there looking at it his brain working possibly weighing the odds anyone else would indeed notice and what possible danger was beyond when everyone else's eyes were just sort of drawn to the spot he was looking. Noticing that the cat was out of the bag as well the whole party was staring he stated that he suspected it was trapped and quite intricately from the looks of things. I looked myself and could only agree it was a trap of the most sophisticated type connected to a lock of the highest quality I have seen. This sparked a quick conversation in hushed tones amongst the party and reward won over risk. So me and hitch began to work I must say for my part I only used my tools to help disable what seemed to be part of an alarm on the upper part of the door (with an increasing irritating Lei offering advice over my shoulder though some of it was valid) whilst Hitch worked the lower door and the lock itself and not just with tools of our trade there was an incantation or two on his part before all was said and done and the door was finally cleared of its wardings. This left the lock itself which proved easily to much for me... Then Hitch too failed and announced it was indeed unopenable that it was for the best and we should go. The party's growing apprehension concurred and we turned to leave perhaps following some primal warning to not open the door as indeed we should not have. Then from behind the group a barely audibly click sounded shocked we turned to see Lei (the cutpurse my ass) crouching by the lock smiling he turned and said and I will quote here "Lock easy you no try maybe need practice" With no other option now we opened the door........ What I can write is that we saw there true lair there were lots of Were rats more in fact than I had ever seen alive and dead all added together scuttling about in a huge underground warren they had carefully constructed beneath the city.. And in the middle of this hive we also saw there Boss... All of our party have seen things.. And a few of us have done things that would turn some's blood cold but we were not prepared for this.. though to our credit we did not freeze we all acted Hitch being the most effective firing off the most powerful spell I have ever seen him cast that easily killed 2 score of Tails I would guess, the rest off the party well those with them ready fired off a barrage of missile fire. For my own well, not bragging just stating fact I am the best archer I know (in fact probably three kingdoms wide as that's all I keep tally on) since the last man even close to my skill I killed 50 years ago of course not for petty jealousy, just business and he would have had no chance to make the shot I did, it was perfect a thing of beauty that seemed by will to be drawn to vitals of my foe and like Hitches Fireball completely ineffective against what led the rat men, it shattered against its hide.

We ran...

Had Calvin not dropped a magical orb that created a wide area of darkness I fear we would have not made it out alive. As we heard the remainder of the twittering hoard start to organize and that thing trying to following us. Though thanks to the darkness IT could not see us.

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17 Aug 2010

Roshann - Fighter
Burney - Druid
Li Jen - Monk
Hitch - Mage
Karg - Fighter

In Myth Drannor
Our Story So Far....

M7 has been sent to the ancient Elven city of Myth Drannor to recover the “Crown of Stars” for “Lord Ilmeth“. They now find themselves at the residence where the crown resides. However it resides upon the head of a powerful Warrior Mage Baelnorn, last ancestor to the house of “Symbaern“. He has given them the task of clearing out all the undead and squatters who live on his house and grounds to get the crown. The group begins the task of cleaning up the estate.

When last we left Marcus and I had transformed into Elves as to receive a better audience with the Baelnorn. It is now a few minutes after the meeting and the group gathers to discuss their next steps. However Marcus has had an interesting reaction to being an full Elf and is attempting a number of unusual activities. Calvin has taken it upon himself to keep the noble ranger from harming himself and the two could not join the group right away.

M7 decides to look into the grove first and clean that out of whatever foul creatures reside in it. However there appears nothing out of the ordinary. Li Jen decides to head in and look it over and report. Burney loans his clever amulet that allows one invisibility to lesser undead to Li. Li moves quietly into the grove and finds an idyllic pool of water. On the side of the well he sees a pair of beautiful eyes surrounded by seven stars. He creeps closer and as he gets near the pool the full daylight turns into moonlight all around the pool. The symbol changes into a Black Disk surrounded by a Purple Circle.

Suddenly the water churns and boils and a voluptuous maiden emerges from the center of the moonlit pool. She spreads her arms wide calling Li Jen into the pool and he begins to take of his clothes to jump into the pool. However the pool is not that of clean clear water but a human soup of bones and decay! She brings forth skeletons from the soup to drag Li down into her lair.

The group rushes into the area and I weave magic to reality touching Rashan giving her increased reaction time as she tears into battle to hit the voluptuous maiden who withers and falls back into the center. The remaining skeletons fall before us quickly. The group finds an interesting ring on the withered husks finger. A magically crafted ring giving focus to an ability like ones Strength or Wisdom. It can only be attuned to one persons until their death. Fates chooses Li Jen as the new wearer. A tiny cost for swimming with the dead.

After resting the group moves on to the mansion proper. A vast building with a tower in the center and inner courtyard. Li Jen again scouts the main area but finds nothing. However when the rest of the group moves in for a closer look the door to the tower swings open wide and out comes an armored skeleton his voice rumbling in the empty chamber.”THIS IS NO LONGER THE HOUSE OF SYMBAERN. IT IS NOW THE HOUSE OF BANE!” It ripples with energy dressed in plate with a shield and sword. It’s glowing eyes aflame with rage and power.

Karg moves in first and begins his attacks but is unable to inflict any damage upon his foe. The Bane Warrior’s power is such that nothing seems to stop him. Karg fights on but still cannot get past this monster’s shield. Karg sensing that everyone might be killed by this being devises a dangerous plan. He drinks the enlargement potion he has and then without hesitation eats the madcap mushrooms he carries. The large ½ Orc becomes a giant screaming loud enough the entire city can hear his battle cry. Even this does not give the Bane Warrior pause.

Li Jen slips near the creature and tries to strike him from behind and only finds his Kuri knife bouncing off his armor. The Bane Warrior does take notice of Li Jen and strikes him down however. I have again bestowed upon Rashaan speed to help defeat this creature. She runs into the fray. Burney not undone summons his insect swarms to aid us as so many times before. They claw and pierce the Bane Warrior over and over. I fire bolt upon bolt at the creature before I dash to Li Jen’s side to aid him. The Giant Karg rains down blow upon blow and Rashaan is a whirling flash of damage as her blade glows bright being so near the undead.

However, the Bane Warrior is not outdone. And for each portion of pain received it too dispenses damage to the giant Karg. It seems forever as insects claw, axes slam into armor, the undead screams in pain and anger. Karg is mindless his being swallowed by the madness of the mushrooms and he loses more blood then one thought a being could lose. And nothing could be more true. Little do we know that Karg has long passed this coil but his Orcish spirit will not let him go, so great his rage, as he fights on until he can no more and falls.

Burney’s insects continue their swarm tearing at the Bane Killer. Suddenly Rashaan draws back and swings a powerful blow getting past all the creatures defenses and destroying it’s tether to this plane. The battle is over but at a terrible cost. We revive Li Jen and exit the house. Making sure no one was attracted by the ferocious battle. We return to the grounds and determine that Karg’s wounds were well beyond that a normal being could survive.

I retire to see the Baelnorn and ask him if there is any place in the city where it might be possible to help our fallen comrade. He points a transparent finger to where the Dawn Spire is located. Recently followers of Lythander found a Dawn Stone and have set it up to follow its morning light. I thank him and before I leave he reminds me that any artifacts belonging to his house cannot leave the grounds until it is completely cleaned out. I tell him that our group understand that completely as I bow and take my leave.

It falls upon Burney’s shoulders to find a way to this Temple and perhaps find a way to revive our fallen comrade. He draws upon his teachings and transforms into an Albatross flying away with Karg places in the bag of holding. He find the Lythander Temple and meets with the holy followers there. As luck would have it he meets Danreth Talenar, the hand of Lythander and a Paladin to Torm. The very god that Karg follows. Danreth takes him to the high priestess Aldic Kathra Shiran and though young she is powerful and energetic with a wisdom beyond her years.

She finds our cause just and agrees to return Karg back to this mortal plane if he wishes it. Karg still wants to fight the evil in the land and soon is brought back to this plane with no ill effects. As a token of good will Burney bestows a gift to the Temple of the 2 Dark Elf Star Stones he has been carrying for so long. Shiran is very impressed with his kind gesture.

Meanwhile back at the courtyard the group awaits Burney and Karg’s return. Sitting and watching the perfect weather of Myth Drannor, Rashaan muses how she does not want to be brought back should she fall in battle again. If she dies in battle, so be it, that is her fortune. I shake my head at Gypsy fatalism and wonder how to keep alive those with so much power when I have so little.

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9 oct 2010

Hisvet's Last Moments
by Marcus

Hisvet transformed into a human and got dressed in his stash of clothes. Angered, but thankful to be alive. He walked into his back up pad to lick his wounds. He laid 10 gold pieces on the counter in front of the manager and said, "As usual, my privacy and secrecy are your top priority?" "Of course Hisvet sir. Not any amount of money would break my word with anyone who stays here."

Later in his is room, Hisvet carefully takes off his armor to examine the state of his wounds. "Damn Mage! Damn Arrow!" Looking at himself in the mirror and cleaning the blood from his chest he curses the Fuckers From Hap, "Damn Half Orc!" A few moments later Hisvet begins to giggle to himself, "Man, were all of those losers stupid. I charmed myself out of there with ease. Especially that BIG DUMB STUPID Half Orc. HA! They're all probably standing around thinking what happened?"

Suddenly the door comes off it's hinges, "PAIN TRAIN!" Hisvet sees the same Half Orc lifting his axe. Hisvet yells while shitting himself, "Oh SHI...."

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9 oct 2010

Roshann - Fighter
Burney - Druid
Li Jen - Monk
Marcus - Ranger
Hitch - Mage
Karg - Fighter

The Unnamed By Hitch

M7 plans some payback to the Rats of Ordalin. But first we stop by Crowley’s to do some trading. I always like these times as Crowley has high ticket items and you want them all. Everyone seemed happy when we left and we had to take some time off for Li Jen and Karg to study their picture books. In the meantime I thought it best to make the ravenous Rashann into something a little less attractive. No easy task but she looked very common and this in turn dulled her desire to dance on tables. With that we were soon back in the sewers.

Marcus, our resident Ranger, was more then a little hesitant down here. He has had several bad experiences in the sewers. And after some grousing he calmed down and was silent. Calvin was called away to help in a civil case and would be unable to attend. That always makes me a little nervous. That left our Holy responsibilities on Burnie. However in a fit of cleverness he cast a spell that gave all of us invisibility to animals. There are times of real lucidity with Burnie that demonstrates how frightening he can be.

Back to the Sewers where we crept along until we saw ahead of us 4 guards playing dominoes. At everyone’s insistence it seemed the group wanted a Barbeque and to use the wand of fireballs. I preferred stealth and striking them down quietly but sheer destruction won out. I pointed the wand in the direction of the unaware minions and let go a small fireball .....

Interlude 1
They had made their plans and decided they wanted out of the Killing Business. The timing was perfect as the Black Rose was nearly done. The 4 had been mates for as long as they remembered. Juan, Saul, Jorge and Jingo. And while others plied their time stealing they pursued music. They were really quite good and planned on bursting out with their songs the next night. Creating their own very exciting new sound that would take the world by storm from Edgewater to Ordalin. They would be “The Rattails.” they had been rehearsing their soon to be hits and humming them while playing dominoes. “I Want To Hold Your Paw”, “A Hard Day’s Bite” and “Squeak!” to name a few. Hisvet had stuck them on this stupid guard duty for the last time! After tonight everyone would know who they were. “Ere now .. Wot’s that?” said Jorge. Looking down the hallway at the growing light. “It looks like a light” said Jingo. “That gives me an idea for a song” ..... Saul said .... “Here comes the Sun .. Lala .. Lala ... Here comes th ... ARGGGGGKKKKK ....” Saul’s incoherent squeaking was cut short by his flesh being burned away followed by his last breath. His mates did not fare better. Save for poor Jingo. Barely alive ad burnt badly he could barely see a crazed Asian charge him and attack him. He could only think .. “Was that a KuKri?”
End Interlude 1

It might have been the tight space or a pocket of methane but I think that as really one intense fireball. I mean even I could feel that heat. Wow. And 3 of those minions are gone. Well it doesn’t matter who they were. Li Jen ran up incredibly fast and the last one didn’t even look like it was fighting. He killed the rat that fast. As I am careful not to slip I walk ahead only to hear Karg start screaming and running at me nearly not paying attention to my being there “Paaaannnn Trannnn” Was all I could make out. I dashed ahead and got out of the way.

The battle was over before it started and we went to work on the door blocking our way. However, the rats made it harder to open then usual and by the time it was opened the full rat forces were at the door and ready to pounce. And at the head was no ordinary Rat but a Rat Ogre. I bet they were proud of their giant rat and there was a string of rat men behind him urging him or it on. Plus tiny rats pouring between their legs. But our clever Druid has made us all invisible and the rats scurry around with nothing to do but gnaw on the roasted men laying on the ground. Hisvet the wizard is ready and casts a pillar of flame on our three hardy fighters in front. They all shrug it off with a cough and some singed hair.

Then just so we are not bored the Rat Wizard Hisvet summons an Elemental of Filth and Feces behind us. Trouble in front and behind. But Rashaan has her abilities enhanced thanks to a familiar spell I have making her quick and she and Burnie set upon the Elemental of Filth.

Interlude 2
“Shouldn’t they be dead now Master Hisvet” squeaked Piper his trusty aide.

“One would think between Roger the Rat Ogre, that Shit Sludge and those flames. Malice of Malvar they are tougher then I recalled.” Hisvet murmured wishing he add another Roger someplace.

“They brought their pet Giant with them too. I thought he was too big to get down here you said” Piper chirped gnawing his bottom lip feverishly.

“Well he is here ... and just keeps screaming Paaannan Traaaan .. What does that mean?!? Do we have a Pan Tran that offended him?” Hisvet hissed becoming vexed watching Roger take several solid hits from the Pet giant, the human and the assassin with a strange weapon. “Roger was supposed to kill one of them by now. KILL ONE ROGER! Wasn’t Sneakit suppose to be back there too wreaking havoc? And what is with these worthless vermin are they all blind!!!!” Hisvet was squeaking incredible high looking at his sea of rats wandering around doing nothing.

Piper could only hummm a children ditty about blind mice before receiving a solid slap on his skull. “Shut the fuck up Piper... this is getting serious” Hisvet barked straining his eyes to see better. “Is one of them using a KuKri?”
End Interlude 2

Oh remember that KuKri that LiJen has been trying to get a handle on using with some proficiency. He figures out how to use it around now and slices deep into the Rat Ogre. Marcus and Karg slash away and before you can say “Cheese” the creature is dead.

Just to break the monotony I cast a web spell upon the rats in the back hoping to entangle the Wizard however he is sly and escapes. Turns out he is very good at escaping. But I am getting ahead of myself.

I am pondering what to do next when bands spring all around me holding me fast. Sneakit the Ninja Rat has slipped behind us and thrown this ball at me that expanded in the air. I wiggle around and this seems all too familiar. Luckily before Sneakit can do anything else Marcus dashes at him and all the rat’s attention is on the ready Ranger and not me. Turns out that Sneakit has a coated blade as well. However Marcus is a sturdy fighter and very poison resistant. He makes antidotes in his spare time you know. Even though the blade strikes Marcus it has no affect. Aside form the normal pain of a sword hitting you.

The Elemental of Filth decides to explode all over the corridor, literally flying feces everywhere. Burnie and I react quickly avoiding the shower of shite. However so engrossed in battle that poor Rashann gets dipped and is even angrier at this humiliation. Burnie let the creature have it and we can see the monster is losing some of it’s consistency. Then we see several dog sized rats coming behind the Filthy Fiend. However that Invisibility to Animals pays off again and they mill around wondering what the big deal is. Silly rats.

Marcus was hurting Sneakit pretty badly at this point and forces the rat to imbibe one of our potions that is on his person. Hisvet summons a spiritual dagger that slices the air and doesn’t hit anything. Karg and LiJen pile up a few rat bodies. Oh and I simply quit using strength and start using my nimbleness and pop out of the bands. Done that a few times so practice makes perfect. For good measure I fire several lances of energy from my finger tips at Sneakit each striking him center mass. Marcus really doesn’t let any time pass before striking Sneakit down.

Hisvet shows up a wall of thorns but it is a Rat rout as they scurry back up the hallway squeaking away. Karg adds some of his muscle against the Filth Foe. Rashann and Burnie have the creature down to a streak mark and it loose all its consistency. Spilling all over the sewer floor.

We expect the worst when we drop the wall of thorns. Burnie takes that task on and easily dismisses the magic and nothing is on the other side??? It appears they have scurried away and are hiding. We go into see Invisible mode using all tools we have. Rashann’s eyes, Marcus’ goggles and Rossil’s keen senses. We do no see anything but a hallway that goes ahead then right and left. Li Jen goes left and I go right. Turnabout is fair play and I turn myself invisible as well. Marcus sips one of his many potions and he too becomes invisible as the group creeps forward.

Interlude 3
“Ahh I the Spiders, where did these webs come from Master?” screamed Piper struggling to get out mere moments ago.

Hisvet had just tapped the Wall of Thorns and was nimbly able to get out of the webbing. “Ok focus on me .. We need to break into two groups. Some of you head down to the bunkroom. I will call for help. This isn’t over and we will get assistance from the Tyrant and turn this around driving the enemy from our home!” Hisvet spoke in his most stentorian tones as he pointed for some of the rats to head down. Piper stood his ground with his master as the other rats slipped out of view he looked at Hisvet.

“Think they bought it?” Hisvet spoke grimly.

“I almost believed you myself Master. We are so screwed. Twisty tailed screwed. It’s official,” Piper said quickly watching movement behind the wall of thorns.

“I have to make a censer call and get Master Tyrant to get us out of here. He is going to be so pissed. We are twisty tail screwed. I think the worst we did was give them a paper cut. Heroes from Hap ha. Homicidal Horrors from Hap is more like it. Well that Wall will hold them about 10 minutes and that is more then enough time to get out.”

“Even the beautiful girl was gone they replaced her with some shite covered old woman. They’re nothing but a bunch of savages” Piper stammered looking back over his shoulder. “Poor Roger never stood a chance” Piper cried. “You know Master we don’t even know who they are. They’re just a bunch of crazy strangers trying to kill us.”

“Yes they are just crazy strangers who try to burn us and attack where we live. We bleed, we cry .. Yet they don’t care. But after all They’re just stinking filthy humans and lesser then we are. It’s a shame really,” Hisvet mused aloud.

Both the rats looked up to see a weird glowing coming from down the hall and hear the sounds of wood breaking.”What now ..... Mother .... perfectly good wall of thorns that takes 10 damn minutes to break and they are through it now .. Now!!!”

“Ok Piper .. You wait her and hold them I have to make the call.” Hisvet mumbles as he scrambled to his office. “I better not get his I am busy and can’t come to the censer leave a message crap again. He is always freaking busy now.”

Hisvet was no sooner through the door then Piper assessed his chances. He pulled out his dagger looking at it and then thought about Roger. “They’re very driven for just stinking filthy humans” He scampered up the path as quickly as he could not looking back.

In the office the censer waters shimmered and soon the image of the Eye Tyrant comes into view.

“What the ... Watta you want now! You spend more time on this censer then my wife does ....”

Hisvet stumbles through his words “Master there is an issue .. We have had a slight breach .. I need you to get me out of here now ..right now .. “

Breach .. What the f .. Breach like what kind of breach. Did those bastards from Hap set fire to the place again .. I’m gonna have a stroke here .. You wanna see that one freaking stroke hit me Hisvet!!! ...” the eye Tyrants image is one of a reddened eye now twisted in anger.

“Well it was a bit more then that I am afraid .. If you could let me come through I can explain ti all .. Really ... “

“Explain it fucking now! Are they inside .. How close inside? You worthless ... Where are they?“ the Tyrant blared.

“Well about 50 feet away I think measuring ... “ Hisvet was only able to whisper the words before he was cut short.

“50 feet away .. 50! You .. Piece of .. And you had that staff with all those powers and the rats .. God so many rats. Hey hey hey .....What about Roger Ratnutz. The guy is as strong as a freaking giant? You had him. Where is Silvio Sneakit, Let me talk to Sill, He knows what is going on there. I shoudda put him in freaking charge. You worthless fuck!” Spittle flew from the Tyrants mouth as he spoke and he begin breathing heavy ....

“They are both dead I am afraid .. Those Heroes for Hap are savages. They brought Their Pet Giant and .. Ohohoh had a KuKri,” Hisvet’s words stumbled out in a hushed whisper.

“You remember one thing and this you better hear. I’m the mothering fucking who calls the shots I’ll deal with those fucking Heroes from Hap. Fuckers from Hap is what they are. Now get the fuck out of here.” the Tyrants blaring voice fades as the censers waters changed but not before Hisvet could still hear him screaming .... “Kristafurrr .. Get over here ....”
End Interlude 3

They’re gone? No sudden attack but that is like them to hide in every corner. We get to the end of the hall and it goes left and right. Li Jen goes left and I go right. I send Rossil down with Li Jen to see anything hiding. I check one door as I hear sounds of squeaking and battle from down the hall. Li Jen has found them and is busy. It is all quiet here. Then I hear some screaming behind a door. No, It couldn’t be? I realize the quality of the voice is different. However, it is the Tyrant but muted and so I open the door slightly and see the Wizard pleading into the censer. I slip into the room and behind a desk.

The Wizard is begging to escape and the Tyrant is having none of it, instead he is incredibly vexed with our group from Hap and using not nice language. The censer’s water turn and the poor Wizard rat is alone. I feel a little sorry for him. For about a second then I nock an arrow in the Oath Bow.

Li Jen and Rashann are making incredibly short work of what is left down at the other end of the hall. Just a minute that takes no time to kill what was left trapped down there. The both showed no mercy.

This Oath Bow has been burning in my hands since we got it and seems like a great time to use it. I pull out an arrow and whisper “Death to my Enemy” and fire it. It flies incredible true and sticks viciously in the shoulder of the Wizard and he screams in pain. At the same time I become visible.

The wizard turns and narrows his eyes. “Ok do you want to make a deal? You let me go and I can show you were the Secret Funds are” He smiles knowingly and cooly. He is calm for someone with an arrow out of his back. I really would have made the deal too. But then everyone else would have wanted him killed and besides I have Oathed this bow now and well ... I’m kinda stuck ... The door flies open and suddenly “Pann Trann” as the Wizard and I both jump with surprise and a little fear ... It’s Karg. Hisvet takes an Ax to his chest from the Half Orc and I figure this is over but he is still alive.

Before either of us can react he casts a spell and you know. I just really don’t want to fight him right now. Hisvet gathers up his robes and with an “excuse me” heads to the door. Burnie even steps aside to let him out. None is us stop him. So we search through the area and find some secret doors where there is some wonderful ... WAITAMINUTE! ... Why did we let him go .. Ohhh Sanctuary spell! How embarrassing I pride myself on not letting those affect me. Now how are we going to find that little .... Marcus! Of course we can track him.

Let me just mention that whenever we ask Marcus to track someone. It reminds you of a child given a pop quiz in school. He gets this glassy nervous look. And so a few moments later we are not quite sure where to look. Rat tracks everywhere. Grade F on the pop quiz and Marcus get a pasty glare. Speaking of pasty glares. Did I ever mention my best friend in the world. He is one of the most powerful spell casters I know and perpetually in another plane of existence. Burnie always finds a way though.

Interlude 4
Hisvet transformed into a human and got dressed in his stash of clothes.

Angered, but thankful to be alive. He walked into his local inn to lick his wounds. He laid 10 gold pieces on the counter in front of the manager and said,"As usual, my privacy and secrecy are your top priority?" "Of course Hisvet sir.Not any amount of money would break my word with anyone who stays here."
End Interlude 4

“Dude he is bleeding and went this way,” Burnie says and heads up a pathway. I follow grabbing some vestment, a bit of rat hair and a brush from the room of the Wizard. Oh I know how this is going to play out. Within a few minutes we are outside and Burnie and Marcus point out the Rat changed to boots and they think went into an Inn. M7 gears up for little demolition ... but oh no not again I think. We decide to just quietly go in and take care of this. And before we do we decide to do a little scrying. Out comes our little scrying orb which is quickly becoming a favorite item of mine, I mean M7's. I think about this liitte rat fink and behold .. An image of a well manicured man with tiny moustache relaxing and having a drink. In fact we notice he is on the ground floor in a corner Rossil peers into his room to make sure he is there.

Li Jen and I sneak over to the windows. Rashan and Karg go in. .. Wait this should be reversed. But oh well if the Wizard jumps out the window we have him anyway. I send Rossil along for back up. Once they get in the Inn Keeper wrinkles up his nose. “Baths are going to be extra and .. Whoa .. We can make yours half price lady just stay downwind,” the Innkeeper says. “We are looking for someone who just came in. We don’t want any other trouble,” says Rashaan in her usual clam voice despite her outwardly strange appearance. “Well I don’t know of anyone ...” The Innkeeper was cut short by 10 gold pieces placed neatly before him. “End of the hall corner room, don’t make a big mess please,” as he scooped up the gold.

Later in his room, Hisvet carefully takes off his armor to examine the state of his wounds. "Damn Mage! Damn Arrow!" Looking at himself in the mirror and cleaning the blood from his chest he curses the Fuckers From Hap, "Damn Pet Giant!" A few moments later Hisvet begins to giggle to himself, "Man, were all of those losers stupid. I charmed myself out of there with ease. Especially that BIG DUMB STUPID Half Orc. HA! They're all probably standing around thinking what happened?"

Suddenly the door comes off it's hinges, "PAIN TRAIN!" Hisvet sees the same Pet Giant lifting his axe. Hisvet yells while shitting himself, "Oh SHI...."

“Well they didn’t make that big a mess” I say to Li Jen as we slip inside. We take what items we can before leaving and carry word to the Black Rose that the rats are on the run. We clean up and I make sure to warn everyone that the Tyrant might be striking back against Hap soon. Rashann chirps in about Istaven that she talked to her friends about us dealing with.. Great, a wizard on a wyvern in a keep, this will go well. I hate fighting named people it always spells trouble. “He’ll have nice stuff though boss!” Rossil pipes in. “You’re just trying to make me feel better. Such a good dragon.”

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6 Nov 2010

Roshann - Fighter
Burney - Druid
Li Jen - Monk
Marcus - Ranger
Hitch - Mage
Karg - Fighter

Marcus' Log By Marcus

It's been a few hours since defeating the Ogre Magi and his twisted clan. It couldn't have been possible without my friends. I've wandered away from the rest to write this. I must admit i'm a bit teary-eyed. Ever since i was a scared helpless little boy, i've dreamed of this day. I HAVE avenged you father. When i return to Hap, i will pay you and mother a visit. I haven't gone to your resting places, a few miles outside the city in quite some time, mainly because of shame, but not now.

I only used this group to help get me revenge on those Ogres. After i got what i wanted, i planned on leaving them. However, after spending so much time with them, i feel like they're part of my family now. Some have fallen, some have been ressurected, some have left. I still have plans for finding a good woman and having my own family, but only if fate allows that to happen. I'm not in the frame of mind to search it out. After all, if those Ogres had been in check when i was a child, my father would still be alive.

If i am destined to have a family then it MUST be void of ANY threats. I will not have the past repeat itself to my future wife and child as it was done unto me. It's no longer about the treasure, glory or the power. I MUST devote myself to the safety of Hap and all other surrounding cities. I am a new man. When i return to Hap, it will be FREE drink night at The Bloody Dwarf. The Bloody Dwarf will also be explained as a new alcoholic drink. A drink that salutes courage and freindship.

Looking at all the medallions that were collected from the Ogre's bodies, i can't help but wonder if there are more....