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Marcus lost his mother at a very young age. She died of a respiratory infection. He was raised solely by his father, Ander, who lived off the land. He was a strict disciplinarian. He taught Marcus all there was about the land and why you should respect it. Respect others in their decisions as well, for you would want the same from them for your choices.

Never back down from a fight for your enemies will learn that you will always finish it. Ander taught Marcus the way of the sword. Although these teachings were simplistic with blocking and foot movements, Marcus caught on pretty well. Marcus would never have the chance to learn advanced techniques from his father.

One night their house was attacked by Ogres. Ander told Marcus to stay hidden under his bed. As Marcus peered into the darkness from under his bed, he watched his father successfully fend off the attackers. He was a great warrior. Then tragedy struck. The very wall itself was smashed away! A Giant Monster's silhoutte stood with the moon behind it. With one sweep of it's massive club, his father was killed instantly.

Marcus's eyes teared up while he found it hard to breathe. The Ogres started to set fire the remaining house, setting Anders corpse on fire as well. As the Ogres led the beast away, Marcus could see a chain and medallion around it's neck. It appeared to have an eye in the center with a snake cicrling around it, eating it's own tail.

The invaders had gone. Marcus still laid near lifeless as fire burned dangerously closer around him. His father fought like true warrior, while Marcus hid like coward. Even after his father was struck down he did nothing but tremble. Marcus finally escaped the fire only swearing to never back down again.

He spent years self training himself and seeking help from outsiders to further his abilities in warfare and survival. He couldn't get the image out of his head, his father dying, that medallion around that thing's neck and those Ogres. He knew secretly in his own heart that he was training for revenge. However, he wasn't foolish enough to do it by himself. He heard word of a party of adventures in the area.

Perhaps if he earned his keep with them, that one day they would find those responsible for his fathers death. Then Marcus would have the chance to be a warrior like his father was.