Murdoc Bakerson

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The way Back story The name implies true in Murdoc's case as he indeed is the son of a baker, and in fact comes from a proud line of bakers dating back to his great great great grandfather Tyganis Oxhammer a local warrior of some renown who after nearly succumbing to a poisonous bite during an adventure settled down and gained more fame (and notoriety) as Tyganis the Baker. As the story goes some years after his adventuring retirement three young toughs from a neighboring village (maybe it was four) decided to "sample" some of his wares but declined to pay the "Old man" as they explained "they needed there money for the tavern, and besides they had nearly cracked there teeth on his pastries anyway" . Whereupon an unamused elderly Tyganis with a bone chilling warcry set upon them with loaf of day old blackbread..... by the time the watch had arrived, two of the cheapskates were unconscious and the third (or fourth depending on who you ask) was battered and bloody and begging Tyganis to let him pay not only for there nicked samples but some vittles for the road!! Wether the short and brutal fight attests more to the old veterans fighting prowess or his true lack of cooking skill is not known, but the incident led to the family business becoming very lucrative as word spread , and any true culinary skill he lacked has been more than made up for by his decedents. And in fact "Hammer Hardtack" (thanks for idea Jeff heh click click as it comes together) is still the main staple of there business and is said to be derived from the original recipe of that famous loaf. (and in truth is fairly tasty as Iron rations go)

The family trade has been passed down to the latest line, the Bakerson brothers are, Templeton the eldest brother whos sheer size lends credence to the old Tyganus story and whom is also the only of the three with a city education, John the middle brother is widely known as the best cook in the region, and Murdoc the youngest and physically smallest of the three , affectionately called Lil-Baker by elder locals and some of the more mischievous Ladies much to his chagrin, is widely considered the most charming and surprisingly toughest of the three.

And the so who is that guy we are adventuring with part
In general Murdoc is a very likeable fellow, His boyish good looks and rather uncommonly fine features are rare in standard villagers and you wouldn't be surprised to find a half elf somewhere down his family tree. He is well spoken and polite and always seems to have a somewhat infectious grin plastered on his face (though it is somewhat disturbing during battle) even when doing something distasteful. Quick to joke and laugh even at himself (in all situations but perhaps one.....) You get the feeling he is the kind of guy you could tell to hold you money pouch for a month and you would surely get it back without him ever opening it. Completely trust worthy and pretty damn gullible.

It is almost a shame that from an early age Murdoc dreamed of swinging a great Sledge on a battlefield as his forefather did, as even given the fact that almost all of his youth and teenage years was spent in self enforced martial pursuits he's still a fair cook, and better than fair if he has an oven.. With his natural charm and skill he could have possibly surpassed both his brothers if not in cooking, than surely in sales. But adventurer blood pounds in his veins and unlike his brothers he needs to follow the calling. An unfortunate twist is while strong for his size and healthy he is rather small (by hero standards) 5' 6 and toping the scale at 120 lbs. But what he lacks in size he more than makes up for in shear spirit and will endure almost any hardship without uttering a word, and at times seems brave to the point of foolhardiness (which is close to the truth see wisdom) And though he does manage to swing his bastard sword with some skill even if it looks a bit oversized its pretty clear to everyone but him he will never wade into battle with a great sword or mighty maul.

Murdoc does not seem overly intelligent but is rather clever, it seems do to his eldest brothers guidance. He can read and write common on a good level and even seems to speak fluent gnomish and is self taught in reading basic words of that language unfortunately almost all the words he can read are food related. Aside from his baking talent he has an extensive knowledge of grains and seasonal crops(though not so much the actual farming aspect just recognition and quality) a passing knowledge of milling (the making flour type of mill), common fungus/and Yeasts and a fair mind for basic commerce(as in he don't need to use his fingers to count unless its a lot.)

He seems a bit stand offish about his past and never brags or really talks of past exploits. The reasons here are twofold. The first is he sees himself as a child of wealth and truly wants to make a name for himself (but in a big city his family would probably only be considered middle class but having never been to a real city he has no idea) The second is he really has little experience adventuring everything he knows about it are from stories collected from taverns.He has spent time in the militia and served as guard (though in truth he was also delivering baked goods) on many small caravans. But before joining the party,the only real action he has seen is breaking apart drunks, thumping local males that call him Lil-Baker, some bold goblins once, a bear, and once exchanging missile fire with vagabonds on the road though neither side suffered losses as the bandits decided for easier pickings.So rather than show his naivety he just keeps his mouth shut.