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She's alive!!!

Roshann Rominov born and bred a Gypsy. Her family and friends traveled around the land in brightly painted wagons. The Gypsies were tinkers, metalworkers, fortunetellers and sometimes thieves.

Her father was the leader of the band of 100 people with 27 wagons. Her mother was the renowned fortune teller of the troop. Many people including city and country rulers would seek her out for counsel.

Roshann had the gift of foresight from her mother, but was freaked out buy it when as a young child, a "spirit" told her one of her friends would be badly hurt as she was playing with her mothers taro cards. After several other bad experiences, she swore off the whole thing and never approached a crystal ball or used taro cards, or listened to her "spirit guide" who showed up when she was close to a conduit to the places of spirits.

Instead she threw herself into learning how to use a sword and shield and left all that mumbo jumbo stuff behind.

After a visit with a local dignitary, and a hasty departure to other lands, her mother and father grew worried. Her mother consulted the omens and cards and talked to her father regarding the direction they should go. They were on a mountain pass with only two ways to go. Back the way they had come or forward towards the Dales. The omens were not good either way; however it seemed better to go forward.

Roshann and her older brother were sent off as scouts to check the road ahead. Upon their return, many of the wagons were on fire and Zents were gathering up prisoners. Roshann was all for drawing her sword and running up to defend her people, especially when she saw what they were doing to her little sister. She began to run towards the closest wagon, but was grabbed from behind and thrown to the ground by her brother.

He hissed in her ear that there was nothing they could do and would only end up captured or killed and that would in no way help their people. She struggled, but alas was not as strong as her brother and she watched as the Zents selected people and hauled them away. She never forgave her brother for that act. She thought it was cowardly, even as he began the task of picking up the pieces and putting the caravan back together again. Ten people had been slain and another 20 had been taken as slaves. Her mother and father were among the dead and her sister was on taken captive.

She swore that she would somehow avenge the deaths of her parents and if possible find and free her sister. Her brother told her not to throw her life away with such foolishness and that their people would be better served if she took up the crystal ball and cards and told fortunes to people to raise money for the clan.

She looked at her brother and picked up her father's sword and belted it around her waist. "You do what you must. You gather the people and lead them on the road. I will do what I must. I cannot stay here while my sister lives in slavery out there some where." She went into the shattered wagon that used to be her home, gather a few days worth of supplies and as an after thought packed her mother's taro cards in a scrap of soft leather hide.

Why did her mother not foresee the raid on the caravan? Had the gift left her when she needed it the most? Spirits were unpredictable and she loathed anything to do with them. Had they betrayed her mother as well?

She thought upon it as she put her pack together. She recalled her mother had requested that she and her brother go ahead to scout. Perhaps her mother had known there was no help for herself or her father. But why did they not send her sister along as well? Regardless, Roshann was going to find her sister one way or the other or die trying. She would not rest for long in one place until she found her sister.

She bid farewell to her people and departed following the road which the raiders took. After several hours walk, the trail grew cold and seemed to disappear in a ring of rocks.

She has been searching ever since. She sees the weak and defenseless and they remind her of her sister and she seeks to offer aid as best she can. She has no remorse when dealing with the Zents. The only good Zent is a dead Zent and will go out of her way to reek havoc upon them and their nation. She has found no sign of her sister and plans on someday when she is strong enough to go into the Zent homeland to locate her sister.